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Need assistance...where to find TPA firms?

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6 replies to this topic

#1 LisaA


    Registered User

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Posted 20 January 2003 - 10:23 AM


I know this isnt really a forum for asking these types of questions, but I really need some assistance.

I am relocating to Florida and am searching for a position with a TPA firm in the St. Petersburg (west coast) or central florida location. I have tried everything I can think of to find firms-looking on the job postings on this board, sending inquiries to CPA firms and ERISA attorneys in the area, general internet searches, and even asking wholesalers for Florida at fund groups who they work with for TPA firms in Florida.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can go about finding firms who do what I do? I am finding it difficult, as we arent exactly listed in the yellow pages...

Currently I work in a very small firm doing all aspects of plan administration. My firm has an excelllent reputation so I am only looking for quality TPA firms to work for when I move. I handle 80 cases, and we do everything by hand on spreadsheets, including testing, so I don't use a system. I have eight years of experience.

I know there are a few "big" firms, like Ceridian, down there. But I would rather not work in a big institution where I will not keep my hand in all areas of plan administration. I fear turning into a "testing person" or a "distribution person" at an assembly line institution.

I apologise if this is an inappropriate post. I was hoping someone might have some insight as to how to find TPA firms. Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to give me. -Lisa

#2 LTurner


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Posted 20 January 2003 - 11:30 AM


I'm not sure if he is looking, but he is definitely a contact with networking... he is active in ASPA and is frequently a speaker at industry seminars/conferences.

James "Jeb" E. Graham 727-896-0848 :)

#3 R. Butler

R. Butler

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Posted 20 January 2003 - 11:55 AM

Did you try BenefitsLink job search? You can search by location.

#4 kgsingletary


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Posted 20 January 2003 - 01:10 PM

How small of a "small firm" are you looking for? There are several in the Tampa/St. Pete area.

#5 Aylmer Magill

Aylmer Magill

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Posted 20 January 2003 - 01:56 PM


I work for Ceridian as a sales rep and was on the site looking for an answer to a specific question and from time to time look at job postings and saw yours. If I where you, I would contact Marc Farbman at Ceridian in St. Pete. I think that your skills perhaps would be good for a relationship manager position. It would allow for you to be involved in all aspects of the plan but give you the security of working for a larger company. Just my thoughts. Good luck with your search.

#6 LisaA


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Posted 20 January 2003 - 03:15 PM

ksingletary....As far as how small a firm...I am not really particular about the firm being small. Actually, if I could be in a larger firm, but still administer all aspects of the plans I handled, that would be great. But, it does not seem to be how big companies "work". If you wouldnt mind letting me know of any firms you know of, that would be great. I would really appreciate it.

Right now I handle all my plans, testing, reconciliation, distributions, everything. I even did all the adoption agreements for my prototype GUST restatements. I would like it to stay that way (control issues perhaps?) :)

LTurner...thanks for the contact, I really appreciate it.

Aylmer...thanks for your contact, too. I did send a resume to Ceridian, I was referred by a wholesaler who used to serve Florida. But I asume since I submitted it through their website, it gets thrown in the "pile".

#7 Appleby



  • Sitewide Moderator
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Posted 20 January 2003 - 05:09 PM


They have a directory of TPAs.