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401(k) plans

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Leak-Proofing Your 401(k) Plan
Which Works Best for Your Plan: Custom or Off-the-Shelf Target Date Strategies? (PDF)
Workers Rely on 401(k) Providers for Retirement Advice
[Opinion] SPARK Institute Comment Letter to DOL on Fiduciary Proposal (PDF)
What's the Right Savings Rate? (PDF)
Why Is Saving for Retirement So Hard?
Automatic Enrollment for 401(k) Plans: Not a Panacea
[Opinion] Obama's Big Idea for Small Savers: 'Robo' Financial Advice
[Guidance Overview] Impact of the DOL's Fiduciary Proposal on Participant Investment Advice
[Opinion] ICI Comment Letter to DOL on 'Convoluted' Proposed Fiduciary Regs (PDF)
[Opinion] DCIIA Comment Letter to DOL on Proposed Fiduciary Regs (PDF)
Americans' Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Finances and Planning
Health Care Providers Very Attuned to Retirement Readiness for Their Employees
[Guidance Overview] DOL Draws Line on Worker Classification
Retirement Crisis: Real or Hype?
[Opinion] DOL's Proposed Best Interest Contract Exemption: How the Murky Provisions on IRA Rollovers Should Be Clarified
Legal Advice on Your 401(k) Plan -- Is It Confidential?
[Opinion] A Common Sense 401(k) Reform
Fixing Plan Operational Failures with a Retroactive Amendment
Time for Millennials Opting for 'Safe' Investments to Stop Hurting Themselves
Make Retirement Saving Even More Valuable by Adding Automatic Emergency Savings
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL FAB 2015-02: Selection and Monitoring under the Annuity Selection Safe Harbor Regulation for Defined Contribution Plans
How Custom Investment Options Improve Participant Outcomes (PDF)
Take Advantage of 401(k) Catch-Up Contributions
Senate Finance Panel Recommends Changes in Rules for Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans
Can Technology Solve the Mystery of 401(k) Fees?
Do Catch-Up Contributions Increase 401(k) Saving?
[Guidance Overview] IRS Retirement News for Employers, July 6, 2015
Employee Concerns Can Befuddle a 401(k) Plan Sponsor/Fiduciary
Considerations When Choosing a Method for Allocating Plan Expenses (PDF)
The Threat to Small Business Retirement Savings
[Guidance Overview] Fiduciary Advice Proposal Signals a Fundamental Shift in DOL's Regulatory Method (PDF)
The Relationship Between Automatic Enrollment and DC Plan Contributions: Evidence from a National Survey of Older Workers
Leakage from 401(k) Loans, Defaults Is Greater Than Previously Thought
Millennials Want to Save, But Many Lack Funds to Do So
Change in Average 401(k) Account Balances from January 1, 2014 Through July 1, 2015 (PDF)
Selected Characteristics of Savings and Thrift Plans for Private Industry Workers
Streamlining 401(k) Plans to Improve Diversification
Retirement Assets Total $24.9 Trillion in First Quarter 2015
Target Date Funds: Time to Rethink How to Monitor and Communicate These Black Boxes (PDF)
How Behavior Shapes Retirement Planning
[Guidance Overview] Summary of DOL Regulatory Package Redefining Fiduciary Advice and Proposing or Amending Prohibited Transaction Class Exemptions (PDF)
The Brokerage Option in DC Plans
Perez Calls Out Variable Annuities in Argument for DOL Fiduciary Rule
Gen Y More Guarded about Retirement Savings than Older Generations
[Guidance Overview] DOL Provides Leeway in Participant-Level Plan Disclosure Due Dates
Why Aren't More Plan Sponsors Adopting the 'Ideal Plan'?
Nondiscrimination Testing: Traps for the Unwary (PDF)
Six Questions to Ask at Your Next Investment Committee Meeting
How 401(k) Participants Can Avoid Sabotaging Their Returns
The Guy Who Quit Goldman Sachs in a New York Times Op-Ed Now Wants to Fix Your 401(k)
Prudent Target Date Fund Decisions for Fiduciaries (PDF)
Raising the Bar on Target Date Due Diligence: Demographics Matter
Tackling the Challenge of 401(k)s for Small Businesses
Why Poorly Performing Funds Remain in 401(k) Plans
[Guidance Overview] IRS Explanation, Worksheet (Alert Guidelines), and Deficiency Checksheet: Section 401(k) Requirements (Rev. 4-2015) (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Explanation, Worksheet (Alert Guidelines), and Deficiency Checksheet: Employee and Matching Contributions (Rev. 4-2015) (PDF)
Use of 401(k) Plan 'Auto Features' Increases, But Barriers Still Remain (PDF)
A Lurking Trap for Corporate Officers
Aligning Goals, Improving Outcomes: 2015 Defined Contribution Plan Sponsor Survey Findings (PDF)

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