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[Guidance Overview] Your 401(k) Plan 'Brokerage Window' May Require An S-8 Registration
Workers at Peeps Factory Go on Strike: The Coming Peepocalypse?
Text of Fifth Circuit Opinion Reversing District Court's Dismissal of BP Stock Drop Claim (PDF)
401(k) Fee Litigation Update, September 2016
Reality Sets In: How New Fiduciary Rule Impacts 401(k)/IRA Providers and Retirement Savers
[Guidance Overview] Filing an S-8 Might Be Required Even If Your Plan Does Not Offer a Company Stock Fund
How to Calculate the Value of Your Benefits
Will the DOL Fiduciary Rule Be the End of Solicitor Arrangements?
Retirement Assets Total $24.5 Trillion in Second Quarter 2016
Impact of the Default Investment Decision on Participant Deferral Rates: Managed Accounts vs. Target Date Funds
A Latent Mechanism for Generating Wealth Inequality in 401(k) Retirement Plans
[Guidance Overview] Proposed Regulations Would Establish PBGC Missing Participant Program for Terminating 401(k) Plans
Highest Number of DC Plans in a Decade Are Using Fixed Record-Keeping Fees
A Review of Class Action Litigation Against Fiduciaries
The 401(k)/404(c) Plan Sponsor's Achilles Heel(s) -- Redux
Assessing Compensation Reasonableness of Retirement Investment Advisers (PDF)
DC Plan Investment Fees Fall 4 Basis Points in 2015
Interesting Angles on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule, Part 20
Point to Ponder: A Reverse BICE Cause of Action?
The Path Forward: Defined Contribution Plans Can Achieve More (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Overview of Methods for Correcting Common Hardship Distribution Errors
[Guidance Overview] IRS Overview of Rules for Hardship Distributions
[Opinion] Lifetime Income Language Should Be Voluntary, Not Required
[Official Guidance] IRS Explanation, Worksheet (Alert Guidelines), and Deficiency Checksheet: Section 401(k) Requirements (PDF)
[Official Guidance] IRS Explanation, Worksheet (Alert Guidelines), and Deficiency Checksheet: Employee and Matching Contributions (PDF)
Some 2017 Retirement Limits Likely to Climb
Interview with Phyllis C. Borzi: Independent 'Business Decisions' May Lead Companies to Apply Fiduciary Standard Broadly
Investment Adviser Credentials to Use as Hiring Criteria
Why You Should Roll Your 401(k) to Your New Employer
[Guidance Overview] Missed a 60-Day Rollover? Try Self-Certification
Lost Track of an Old 401(k)? PBGC Program May Help to Find Your Money
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Draft Forms and Instructions for Proposed Expanded Missing Participants Program
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC FAQs on Proposed Expanded Missing Participants Program
Verizon Victory Not Changed by Recent Supreme Court Case
Employee Benefit Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions (PDF)
[Opinion] Getting Retirement Policy Right
401(k) Defaults Evolve Using TDF-Managed Account Hybrid
Is Your 401(k) Plan Income 'Floating' Away? New Lawsuit Challenges Fidelity's Practices
DOL Revisits R.J. Reynolds' Nabisco Stock Dump in New Brief
[Opinion] Auto-Portability: Default IRA Boon or Bust?
A Fiduciary Blueprint: The Restatement of Trusts, the Prudent Investor Rule, and the DOL's New Fiduciary Rule
401(k) vs. 403(b): Differences in Investments, Compliance and Administration
[Guidance Overview] Interesting Angles on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule, Part 19
Northrop Grumman Drained Retirement Fund, Workers Allege
Voya Accused of Layering 401(k)s With Unnecessary Fees
America's Biggest 401(k) Adviser Has a Plan to Manage All of Your Money
When It Comes to Fiduciary Liability, 401(k) Plan Sponsors Must Determine If Bigger Is Better... or Worse
Business Owners' Perspectives on Workplace Retirement Plans and State Proposals to Boost Savings
Retirement Plan Trends That Matter
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL FAQs for Participants and Beneficiaries Following the Louisiana Storms (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Employee Benefits and the New Overtime Rules
Understanding Custom vs. Proprietary Target Date Funds
[Guidance Overview] Choosing and Using the Proper Definition of Compensation
Addressing the Retirement Crisis with 'Shadow 401(k)s'
Plan Fiduciaries Prevail in ERISA Lawsuit Challenging Plan Investments and Fees
[Guidance Overview] New Rollover Self-Certification Opportunity: 'Buyer Beware'?
Important Facts About 401(k) Plans (PDF)
Almost Half of Projected IRA Rollover Assets 'At-Risk' Post-DOL Conflict of Interest Rule
Proposal Would Crack Down on Tax Avoidance in Retirement Plans, Create New Opportunities for Working Americans to Save
Text of GAO Report: 401(k) Plans -- DOL Could Improve Use of Lifetime Income Options

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