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Change in Average 401(k) Account Balances from January 1, 2013 Through August 1, 2014 (PDF)
How Long Must I Keep My Year-End IRA Statements?
Study Says DC Plans Work When Supplemented by Social Security
[Opinion] Text of Comments by Vanguard to DOL on Proposed Fee Disclosure Guide
Checklists for Investment Policy Statements
What Does Consistent Participation in 401(k) Plans Generate? Changes in 401(k) Account Balances, 2007-2012 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] QLACs Provide New 401(k) Plan Annuity Option
[Opinion] Former Obama Administration Official Offers Plan to 'Fix' Tax Incentives for Retirement Plans -- Here's Why It's Dead Wrong
Text of GAO Report on 401(k) Plans: 'Improvements Can Be Made to Better Protect Participants in Managed Accounts'
Why Hire an Unbundled Service Provider?
[Guidance Overview] IRS Provides New Safe Harbors for Validation of Rollover Contributions (PDF)
ESOPs and 401(k) Plans: Coordination Tips for Administrators
Dudenhoeffer Decision: Securities Laws Affect Prudence of Buying More Stock or Disclosing Negative Nonpublic Information
Distribution Planning for Beneficiaries: Why It's Important to Check IRA Agreements and Retirement Plan Provisions
The Pitfalls for Participants of Choosing Longevity Annuities in 401(k)s
Redesigning Your DC Plan to Help Employees' Retirement Income Last a Lifetime
Fees Dropping for 401(k) Mutual Fund Investors
[Opinion] An Obamacare-Sized Prescription for a Retirement Crisis Misdiagnosis
Stupid Investment Tricks: Interesting, Risky, or Downright Dumb Retirement Plan Investments (PDF)
Supreme Court Shuts Down 'Moensch'-Kin Land -- Whither Employer Stock Drop Litigation?
Five Ways to Avoid a DOL Audit of Your 401(k) Plan
Why Your 401(k) Isn't Likely to Offer a Longevity Annuity
Women, Low Earners Are Least Likely to Receive Full Retirement Savings Match from Employers (PDF)
Planning for Retirement: The Role of 401(k)s in Retirement Income (PDF)
ConocoPhillips Best Among 401(k) Plans; Facebook Is Last
Plan Sponsors Struggle with 401(k) Auto-Escalation Issue
Outcome-Focused Investment Strategies: The Benefits and Challenges of Looking Beyond Benchmark-Driven Investments (PDF)
Are 401(k) Funds Second-Rate?
Keeping Up with the Trends in 401(k) Plans
Thousands of 401(k)s Fail Nondiscrimination Tests
Measuring Employee Savings and Investing Behavior in Defined Contribution Plans: 2014 Benchmarks (PDF)
Once More Unto the (Fiduciary) Breach, Dear Plan Sponsors
NLRB Overturns Union Decertification Election Based on Employer's 'Promises' of 401(k)
Stock Market's Rise Lifts Retirement Balances to a Record High
[Guidance Overview] IRS Gives QLACs the Green Light in Final Regs
The Largest Leakage Culprit: Job Change Cashouts (PDF)
Target Date Funds: Three Reasons for 'To', Not 'Through'
The Moench Presumption Is Dead; Long Live the Dudenhoeffer Presumption
[Opinion] A Proposal to Increase Annuitization of 401(k) Wealth Using Automatic Features
Revenue Sharing Is on the Decline in 401(k) Plans
More than Half of Retirement Plan Participants in Favor of Automatic Annual Increase
[Opinion] What's Next for Defined Contribution Plans? (PDF)
[Opinion] The Critique of 401(k) Plans by Professors Ayres and Curtis: An Analysis
How Does Goal-Oriented Targeting Work?
Millennial Workers: An Emerging Generation of Super Savers
All-Passive DC Plans: Whose Interest Do They Serve?
The Economics of Providing 401(k) Plans: Services, Fees, and Expenses, 2013 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Final Regs on Longevity Annuities in Individual Account Plans (PDF)
Understanding Re-enrollment: Benefits for Participants and Plan Sponsors (PDF)
[Opinion] Thoughts on a Nobel Laureate's Proposal to Change How 401(k) Plans Operate
[Opinion] Different Retirement Income Adequacy Definitions Produce Varying Projection Results
Breakdown of Small Plan 401(k) Fees
Aon Hewitt 401(k) Index Observations, June 2014
[Opinion] The Art of Fiduciary Investing: Controlling the Controllable
[Opinion] Text of Comments by Manning & Napier to SEC on Proposed Target Date Fund Disclosures (PDF)
Tips for Fielding 'Lost Participant' Claims for Retirement Benefits
[Opinion] Understanding the Hidden Risks in Target Date Funds (PDF)
A Retirement Annuity Strategy That Offers Peace of Mind
Is 401(k) Revenue Sharing on Its Way Out?

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