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[Guidance Overview] Documentation Hardship for Hardships (and Participant Loans, Too)
Three Considerations Before Allowing Your Employer to Make Your 401(k) Decisions
High Court Affirms Ongoing Duty to Monitor Plan Investments, but Says Little on Scope of that Duty (PDF)
[Opinion] Two-Headed Nightmare: The Robos and the DOL
[Guidance Overview] Analysis of the DOL Fiduciary Proposal's Impact on Independent Registered Investment Advisers
Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner Wages 'War' Against DOL Fiduciary
[Opinion] New Fiduciary Regs Proposal, Part 3: People Are Talking (PDF)
How 12(b)-1 Fees and Revenue Sharing May Be the Real Victims of 'Narrow' Supreme Court Ruling
[Opinion] U.S. Chamber of Commerce Comment Letter to EBSA on Proposed Information Collection Requests and Burden Estimates Associated with the DOL Conflict of Interest Proposed Rule and PTE Notices (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] DOL's Proposal to Expand Fiduciary Definition Would Bring Many Service Providers Into Scope
[Guidance Overview] The Impact of the DOL's Fiduciary Proposal on Independent Registered Investment Advisers
Best Practices for 401(k) Fees: 10 Steps to Reduce Risk and Increase the Value of Your Plan (PDF)
[Opinion] Can 401(k) Plans Be Improved?
[Guidance Overview] DOL Reproposed Rules Governing the Definition of 'Fiduciary,' Part 2: The 'Best Interest Contract' Exemption
Set It and Forget It? Not So Fast, Says the Supreme Court
It's Unanimous: The Fiduciary Duty to Monitor Has Teeth
[Guidance Overview] Top Points from the DOL Proposal to Expand the Definition of Fiduciary
ERISA Fiduciaries Must Continuously Monitor 401(k) Investment Choices
DOL Extends Comment Period on Fiduciary Reproposal
Plaintiffs Score Victory Before Supreme Court in Tibble v. Edison
Text of Unanimous Supreme Court Opinion: Claim for Ongoing Breach of Fiduciary Duty to Monitor Investments and Remove Imprudent Ones was not Barred by 6-year Statute of Limitations (PDF)
One in Five Big Companies Still Puts Your 401(k) Money in Its Own Stock
New Study Confirms 401(k) Limits Not Constraining
DOL Extends Comment Period on Fiduciary Duty Proposal
Vanguard's Approach to Target Date Funds (PDF)
Electronic RFP Process and Fiduciary Duty
Employer and Employee 401(k) Contributions Increased from 2012 to 2013
[Opinion] Lifetime Income Disclosure Legislation Will Promote Retirement Savings
Redefining Outcomes-Based Investing
[Guidance Overview] DOL Re-Proposed Definition of 'Fiduciary,' Part 1: The Rule and Its Exceptions
Plan Participants Who Are Former Employees: What Is in Their Best Interest?
Defined Contribution Plan Success Factors: Framework for Plans with an Objective of Retirement Income Adequacy (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Proposed Fiduciary Definition Would Impact Investment Adviser Practices
New CREF Fund Structure Could Trigger Significant Increase in Expense Ratios for Some Smaller Plans
The Merger of Two Mega 401(k)s
401(k) Wellness Scorecard for Quarter Ending December 31, 2014 (PDF)
'Top-Down' and 'Bottom-Up' Views of the DOL Fiduciary Proposal
ERISA Litigation and Enforcement: The Role of the Independent Fiduciary and Best Practices for Financial Advisors
The Big 401(k) Fiduciary Question: Target Date or Target Risk?
Missing Out: How Much Employer 401(k) Matching Contributions Do Employees Leave on the Table? (PDF)
Preparing Your Employees for a Timely Retirement
Small Companies Now Have No Excuse for a Lousy Retirement Plan
Employees Favor Companies Playing More Active Role in Their Retirement Plans
[Opinion] What Retirement Savers Need to Know About the Fiduciary Rule
[Opinion] What Retirement Savers Need to Know About the Fiduciary Rule
[Opinion] What Retirement Savers Need to Know About the Fiduciary Rule
[Opinion] The Hidden Provision in the DOL's Proposed Fiduciary Rule
Five Key Risks to Your Retirement Nest Egg
[Opinion] It's Time to Raise IRA Contribution Limits
Fiduciaries: If You Don't Have Time to Do It Right, When Will You Have Time to Do It Over?
Financial Services Group Targets Employers in 401(k) Push
Investor Confusion About Fiduciary Duty Not Likely to Be Resolved by Proposed DOL Rule
For Advisors: The Essence of the Fiduciary Proposal
Five Fast Facts Regarding the New DOL Proposed Fiduciary Rule
[Guidance Overview] DOL's New Proposed Fiduciary Definition: Start Preparing Now
[Opinion] Joint Trade Association Comment to EBSA Requesting Extension of 45-Day Comment Period on Proposed Fiduciary Regs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] The Best Interest Contract Exemption
[Guidance Overview] The Likely Impact on Investment Advisors of the Proposed Fiduciary Regulation
Regulators Pave the Road to Retirement Income
Improving Retirement Readiness Through Effective Programs and Engaged Participants

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