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Actuarial - funding of pensions

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Federal Spending Bill Brings Multiemployer Pension Changes in Through the Back Door
Pension Plans and Derivatives in the New Regulatory Environment: Capital and Margin Concerns and Possible Solutions (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] 'Cromnibus' Spending Bill Makes Significant Changes to Law Governing Multiemployer Pension Plans
Accounting for Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits, 2014: Reporting Under U.S. GAAP Among Fortune 1000 Companies
[Guidance Overview] Employers Should Prepare Now for Big Changes Coming to Multiemployer Pension Plans
[Opinion] Multiemployer Pension Plan Reforms: Lessons from the Lame-Duck Session (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Overview of the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Employee Plans News 2014-23, December 16, 2014 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Multiemployer Pension Reform Bill Passed by Congress, Obama Expected to Sign
Should Plan Sponsors Adopt the New Mortality Tables?
[Guidance Overview] Congress Passes Multiemployer Pension Reform (PDF)
[Opinion] PricewaterhouseCoopers Comment Letter to FASB on Proposal to Simplify Benefit Plan Measurement Dates
[Opinion] Four Ways Congress Just Screwed Up Pensions
Industry-Specific Mortality Assumptions for Pension Plans
Society of Actuaries Releases New Mortality Tables
[Opinion] Multiemployer Pension Cuts: Reasons Why
[Opinion] Tug of War: Pension Plan Participants vs. Bankruptcy Claimants
CalPERS: Extra Contributions Can Yield Big Savings
Bill to Let Multiemployer Pensions Cut Benefits Passes
Proposed Multiemployer Pension Reform: Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Pass
[Opinion] Washington's Pension Non-Bailout
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Monthly Interest Update for January and First Quarter 2015
Considerations in Deciding Whether or Not to Terminate a Frozen Pension Plan During 2015
[Opinion] Congress' No-Bailout Pension Plan Is No Solution for Retirees
[Opinion] Senate Finance Committee Chairman Criticizes House Proposal on Multiemployer Pensions
Comprehensive Multiemployer Pension Reform Now in Play
Society of Actuaries Publishes Final Reports on Updated Mortality Tables
Fact Sheet: Bipartisan Multiemployer Pension Reform Agreement (PDF)
Illinois' Per-Employee Retirement Contributions Are Four Times Those in the Private Sector
Congressional Leaders Hammer Out Deal to Allow Pension Plans to Cut Retiree Benefits
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2014-78: Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates Applicable for December, 2014 (PDF)
Pension Plan Funded Status Decreases Slightly Due to Decline in Assets in Q3 2014 (PDF)
Pension Crisis Hits Central States, Chicago-Area Union Funds
[Opinion] The Lame-Duck Congress Plots to Undermine Retiree Pensions
New Jersey's Pension System Debt Hits $170 Billion
Can California Teacher Pensions Be Distributed More Fairly?
Reducing Pension Risk with Buy-Ins
House Votes to Extend Multiemployer Pension Provisions
Congress Could Soon Allow Multiemployer Pension Plans to Cut Benefits for Current Retirees
[Opinion] Public Pensions Need Gamblers Anonymous
[Opinion] Pension Rights Center Letter to Members of Congress Urging Opposition to Proposed Multiemployer Plan Changes (PDF)
Funded Status of Corporate Pensions Rises to 89.9 Percent
DB Plan Sponsors Should Prepare Now for Higher Year-End Liabilities
Aggregate Funded Ratio of Corporate Pension Plans Unchanged at 84.8 Percent in November (PDF)
Analyzing PBGC's 2014 Annual Report
[Guidance Overview] PBGC Issues Final Regs on Rollovers from DC Plans to DB Plans
Pension Finance Update as of November 30, 2014 (PDF)
American Airlines Asks for Further Deferral of Pension Contributions
Vallejo First to Test No Pension Cut in Bankruptcy
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Final Regs: Allocation of Assets in Single-Employer Plans; Valuation of Benefits and Assets; Expected Retirement Age
[Guidance Overview] PBGC Regulatory Agenda, Fall 2014
[Opinion] A Tale of Four Cities: Pension Reform in and Out of Bankruptcy
[Opinion] U.S. Public Pensions on Solid Footing?
Employers May Be Deferring Adoption of New Mortality Tables (PDF)
New Jersey Pension System Funding Plummets Under New Rule
CalPERS Retirees Will Outnumber Active Workers Soon
Judge Rejects Overhaul of Illinois's Beleaguered State Pension System
Illinois State Circuit Court Rules State Pension Reform Bill Unconstitutional
[Guidance Overview] Notes from Intersector Meeting With PBGC, October 15, 2014 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Notes from Intersector Meeting with IRS/Treasury, October 15, 2014 (PDF)

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