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[Opinion] Covering Up the Public Pension Crisis
Puerto Rico's Pensions: $2 Billion in Assets, $45 Billion in Liabilities
The State Pension Funding Gap in 2014: New Accounting Rules Provide Clearer Picture
Funding for State Pension Funds Improves in 2014
Can Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund Be Saved?
Group Pension Buy-Out Sales Top $1 Billion for Fifth Straight Quarter
Connecticut Treasurer Calls for Re-Evaluation of Pension Returns
California Appellate Court Pension Decision Weakens 'California Rule'
Pensions Play with Puts for Protection
Fix Billion-Dollar Church Plan Standoff, Groups Tell SCOTUS
[Opinion] The $6 Trillion Pension Cover-Up?
[Opinion] Ten Years After Enactment, the Pension Protection Act Falls Short of Promises
European Pension Regulation Revised, Further Encourages Cross-Border Pensions, Pushes Social Investing (PDF)
[Opinion] The $6 Trillion Public Pension Hole That We're All Going to Have to Pay For
[Opinion] Why a Coal Miner Pension Bailout Could Lead to a $600 Billion Union-Pension Bailout
Pension Indicator, July 2016
Dissident Actuaries Want to Show Big Pension Debt
[Opinion] Is the Pension Titanic Sinking?
Teamsters, Bricklayers Funds Eye Multiemployer Benefit Cuts
Pension Risk Transfer Trends
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Interest Rate Update for September 2016
Application for Benefit Suspension: Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Local No. 5 Pension Plan
Impact of 2008 Still Being Felt by Pension Plans
Public DB Plans Adding Risk to Combat Funding Crisis as Contributions Rise
[Opinion] U.S. Chamber of Commerce Comment Letter to the PBGC on Mergers and Transfers Between Multiemployer Plans
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2016-47: Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates, August 2016 (PDF)
Church Plans Raising Cain Among the Circuits
[Opinion] NCCMP Comment Letter to PBGC on Proposed Merger Transfer Rules (PDF)
Record-Low Interest Rates Drive Another Increase in the Pension Funding Deficit (PDF)
Can Interest Rates Ever Be Too Low for LDI to Make Sense?
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Comments to PBGC on Proposed Regs for Mergers and Transfers Between Multiemployer Plans (PDF)
Chicago Bonds Gain as City Plans Tax Hike to Fix Biggest Pension
Iron Workers Retirees Get Temporary Reprieve from Pension Cuts
[Opinion] Chicago: Are Pitchforks and Torches on the Way?
Pension Finance Watch, July 2016
Pension Plans Recover Slightly Following Brexit
Public Pensions Face Worst Returns Since Great Recession
Chicago Seeks Tax Hike to Avert Pension Fund Insolvency
Trinity Health Settles 'Church Plan' Pension Suit for $75M
Actuarial Leaders Disband Task Force, Object to Paper on Public Plan Liabilities
July 2016 Pension Finance Update
Pennsylvania Auditor General to Examine State Employee Retirement Funds
This $25 Trillion Mistake Could Change the Face of Retirement
[Guidance Overview] IRS Proposes Rules for 'Closed' Defined Benefit Plans
Cook County Pension Liability Skyrockets from $6 to $15 Billion
Text of Ninth Circuit Opinion: ERISA Church Plan Exemption Requires that Plan Be Established by Church (PDF)
Why the Last Defense of Public Pensions Is Eroding
Pension Funded Status Decreased in Q2 2016 Due to Continued Interest Rate Declines (PDF)
[Opinion] The Public Pension Problem Is Much Worse Than It Appears
Application for Benefit Suspension: Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Local No. 7 Pension Plan
[Guidance Overview] Considering In-Kind Contributions to Defined Benefit Plans
Effects of the Pension Protection Act of 2006
The Importance of Administration When Selecting an Annuity Provider (PDF)
Corporate Pension Funding Index, July 2016
Financing State and Local Pension Obligations: Issues and Options (PDF)
State and Local Government Contributions to Statewide Pension Plans: Fiscal Year 2014 (PDF)
CalPERS Earned Less Than 1% in Most Recent Fiscal Year
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2016-46: Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates for July 2016 (PDF)
Drop in Rates Swells Pension Burdens in U.S.
[Opinion] How to Save Public Pensions, No Federal Bailout Needed

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