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Actuarial - funding of pensions

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State Street Finds Pension Funds Willing to Increase Risk Profile
Kentucky Pension Obligation Bond Bill Fizzles Out as Legislative Session Ends
[Opinion] Freezing of Public DB Plans Doesn't Mean Higher Taxes
[Guidance Overview] DOL Releases Final Regulations on DB Plan Funding Notices
Longer CEO Lives Spur Pay Growth as Companies Cushion Pensions
[Guidance Overview] IRS Employee Plans News 2015-3, March 25, 2015 (PDF)
Developments of Interest to Sponsors of Multiemployer Retirement Plans (PDF)
[Opinion] American Benefits Council Letter to IRS on Use of New Mortality Tables for Pension Funding (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014: Contributions for Withdrawal Liability (PDF)
EPCU Summary Report: Single Employer DB Plans under PPA
Public Pension Cuts Exempt Police and Firefighters
Why Some Public Pensions Could Soon Look Much Worse
Pension Funding Study: 2014 Was a So-So Year for Most Multiemployer Plans; Impact of New Legislation Remains to Be Seen (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] ERISA Section 4062(e): New Provisions and PBGC Enforcement Policy (PDF)
PBGC Finds Holes in Safety Net for Multiemployer Plans
Should a Plan 'Re-Risk' while De-Risking? (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2015-24: Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates Applicable for March 2015 (PDF)
Weighing the Pension Investment Implications of Mortality Assumption Changes
Nation's Retirement Income Deficit Now $7.7 Trillion
[Opinion] Pension De-Risking: Government Regulators Need to Step Up
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Monthly Interest Update for April and Second Quarter 2015
Syllabus and Reading List for 2015 Actuarial Exams (PDF)
Pension De-Risking in 2015
Multiemployer Guarantee Will Cover a Smaller Share of Benefits in Future Plan Failures
2015 PBGC Multiemployer Guarantee Study (PDF)
Illinois Justices Press State's Lawyer on Pension Overhaul
The Annual Required Contribution Experience of State Retirement Plans, FY 2001 to FY 2013 (PDF)
[Opinion] The Maiming of Illinois: Underfunded State Pension Systems
Investing for the Long Term: Barriers Faced by Pension Funds
Pension Funded Status Improves in February (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Submission for OMB Review and Comment Request: Survey of Nonparticipating Single Premium Group Annuity Rates
Corporate Defined Benefit Pension Risk Management: Solving the Equity Investment Conundrum (PDF)
Pension Indicator, Updated for February 2015
2014 Pension Buy-out Sales More than Double Previous Year
S&P 1500 Pension Funded Status Increases 6% in February
Pension Finance Update as of February 28, 2015 (PDF)
[Opinion] American Academy of Actuaries Comment Letter to Actuarial Standards Board on Second Exposure Draft of the Modeling ASOP (PDF)
Funded Status of U.S. Corporate Pensions Rises Five Percent in February
Longer Life Expectancies May Increase Benefit Obligations
Pension World's $20 Billion Club Stung by Increasing Longevity
[Guidance Overview] Section 4062(e) Liability Reformed: A Summary and Analysis of the New Law (PDF)
In 2014 America's Corporate Pension Plans Gave Up Most of Their Funding Level Gains from 2013
[Opinion] The Media Guild Pension Plan Survives in Hostile Times
Majority of Catholic Dioceses Plan to Freeze Pensions
Cracks Starting to Appear in Public Pensions' Armor
[Opinion] The Wrong Way to Overhaul New Jersey's Pensions: Conversion to a Cash Balance Plan
State and Local Government Spending on Public Employee Retirement Systems (Updated February 2015) (PDF)
New Jersey Gov. Christie's Budget Proposes Pension Overhaul
A Roadmap to Resolution of New Jersey's Pension Funding Problem (PDF)
Success Strategies for Well-Funded Public Pension Plans
[Guidance Overview] DB Plan Sponsors Beware: Potential Liability Related to Facility Closings and Sales of Business Units
A Study of the Pension Burden on California Cities
New Jersey Court Strikes Down Governor's Plan to Cut Pension Contributions
Stockton Bankruptcy Ruling Cuts CalPERS Down To Size
Public Pension Woes Call for Differentiated Municipal Bond Investing
Corporate Pension Funds Weigh Derisking vs. Re-Risking
Agencies Issue Request for Comments Under Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014
Silver City No More? Taunton's Reed and Barton Files for Bankruptcy
Contribution Projections for New Jersey Public Employee Pensions
[Opinion] Are Chicago and Tampa The Next Detroit?

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