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Actuarial - funding of pensions

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[Opinion] Statement of Pension Rights Center at Treasury Department Public Session on Central States Pension Fund Benefit Reduction Application
2016 Opens with Dismal Performance of the Financial Markets Lowering Funded Status (PDF)
CalSTRS Gets New Power to Set State, School Rates for Pension Funding
New Mortality Tables: Effective Date of 2017 or Later Provides Opportunities to Plan and Make Key Decisions (PDF)
Sen. Grassley Seeks GAO Review of DOL Oversight of Central States Pension Fund
S&P 1500 Pension Funded Status in January 2016
[Guidance Overview] New PBGC Reportable Events Filing Requirement May Affect Corporate Borrowers with DB Pension Plans
Pension Finance Watch, January 2016
January 2016 Pension Finance Update
California School Districts Begin Reporting Pension Debt
Reciprocity Agreement Required Payment of 'PPA Funding Contributions' (PDF)
Enrolled Actuaries Report, Winter 2015 (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Public Hearing: Nondiscrimination Relief for Closed Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Additional Changes to the Retirement Plan Nondiscrimination Requirements
Despite Cuts, More Pension Woes in Kentucky
[Official Guidance] Treasury Department Announcement: Iron Workers Local 17 Applies to Reduce Benefits Under MPRA
[Official Guidance] Treasury Department Announcement: Teamsters Local 469 Applies for Reduction of Benefits Under MPRA
De-Risking and Rescue Plan Petitions Expected to Rise (PDF)
Managing Pension Costs: Some Solutions Are Time-Sensitive (PDF)
Funding Method Guidance Among IRS Projects Near Finish Line
Mixed Financial Results for Global Pension Plans in 2015
The Inconvenient Truth of Defined Benefit Pension Portfolios
How a Year and a Half of Progress in Funding of Public Employee Pensions Was Wiped Out in Just Three Months
Seeing Red: Here's Your Share of State Pension Shortfalls
Illinois Unfunded Pension Liability Increases to $113 Billion
Fiduciary Breach Lawsuit Dismissed Based on Defined Benefit Plan's Improved Financial Condition
Liability Driven Investing Strategies: A Statistical and Qualitative Review of Q4 2015 and Outlook for 2016
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2016-07: January 2016 Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates (PDF)
Second Multiemployer Pension Plan Seeks to Reduce Core Benefits
Borrowing Money to Reduce PBGC Premiums (PDF)
How Will Unfunded Pension Liabilities Affect Big Cities?
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Interest Rate Update for February 2016
Pension Funding Index: 2015 Ends with Modest Funded Status Improvement Over 2014 Based on Rising Interest Rates
TVA Pension Fund Needs ERISA Help
Church Plan Update: Third Circuit Upholds Narrow Reading of Exemption; New Law Makes Clarifications
Pension Index Improves Slightly for 2015
PBGC Intervention in Corporate Transactions Under Its Early Warning Program
Pension De-Risking: Five Reasons to Do It in 2016 (PDF)
Ford Move to Mark-to-Market Accounting: More to Follow?
Optimal Pension Funding Strategy and Pension Insurance Reform
S&P 1500 Pension Funding Increased by 3% During December
December 2015 Pension Finance Update
[Guidance Overview] New GASB Exposure Draft Addresses Pension Issues
Corporate Pension Plan Funding Levels Show Little Change
De-Risking Your Pension Plan: Do New Regs Make 2016 the Best Time to Offer Lump-Sum Distributions? (PDF)
Appellate Court Sets Precedent for Church Plan Cases
Third Circuit Grants Victory to Participants Challenging Church Plan Status
Why Johnny Cannot Retire (PDF)
Discount Rates Head Higher in 2015
[Opinion] Pension Obligations vs. Religious Exemptions: Does This Make Sense?
Text of Third Circuit Opinion: ERISA Church Plan Exemption Not Available to Retirement Plan Established and Maintained by Catholic Hospital (PDF)
What's Ahead for RP-2014 Mortality Table Users?
Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: Third Quarter 2015
Third DB Plan 'Relief' Law Less Charming to Plan Sponsors
Interest Rate Increases Could Lift Pensions to Full Funding
How Will the Fed Interest Rate Increase Affect Pension Plans?
[Guidance Overview] PBGC Issues Final Rule on Multiemployer Plan Partitions
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Final Regs: Partitions of Eligible Multiemployer Plans
A Troubling Expansion of Successor Liability (PDF)
Pension Accounting Disclosure Assumptions for 2016
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Interest Update for Asset Allocations, 1st Quarter 2016

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