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Stockton Bankruptcy Ruling Will Decide Fate of Public Pensions in California
Detroit Pension Debt Holders End Last Objection to Plan
A New Trend in Reducing Public Pension Obligations Under the Federal Bankruptcy Code?
Bankruptcy Judge: Trump Can Stop Paying for Healthcare and Pensions of Union Employees of Trump Taj Mahal Casino
[Opinion] Cities Could Save Pensions in Bankruptcy
[Opinion] Statement by CalPERS CEO on Pensions in Bankruptcy
[Opinion] A CalPERS Comeuppance: Welcome to the Hotel California
[Opinion] Bankruptcy Judge Lights Fuse with Stockton Pension Ruling
Bankruptcy Judge: Trump Entertainment Can't Stop Funding Union Pension Plan
Bankruptcy Judge Says CalPERS Pensions Can Be Cut
How Safe Is Your Retirement Nest Egg from Creditors?
Detroit Consultant Says Worker Savings Accounts Drained Pensions
Judge Denies Claims by Retirement Plan Participants for Plan Investments Tied to Madoff
Delaware Bankruptcy Court: Section 363(f) Bars ERISA Successor Liability Claims
[Opinion] Detroit Bankruptcy Reveals Virtues of the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Model
[Opinion] Supreme Court Disregards ERISA and Goes Further Astray in Applying Bankruptcy Law to Retirement Assets
Detroit to Sell Millions in New Debt to Settle Bankruptcy
Recent Supreme Court Case Highlights New Concerns in Naming IRA Beneficiary
[Opinion] Stockton's Bankruptcy and Pension Reform: Limited Options
Does the Supreme Court's Bankruptcy Decision Affect IRAs Inherited by Spouses?
Detroit Retirees Approve Pension Cuts by a Landslide
[Opinion] Detroit's New Hybrid Plan Solution?
Frustrated Detroit Workers Question Hybrid Pension Plan
San Bernardino Cuts Deal to Pay CalPERS Debt
Detroit Rolls Out New Model: A Hybrid Pension Plan
Inherited IRAs Are Not Bankruptcy-Exempt as 'Retirement Funds'
Supreme Court Decision Impacts Inherited IRAs (PDF)
Supreme Court Allows Creditors to Tap Into Inherited IRA Money
Detroit to Workers: Retiring Now Won't Prevent Pension Cuts
Stockton Bankruptcy Judge Considers Pension Cuts
Stockton Bankruptcy Judge to Decide If CalPERS Should Bear Part of Losses
Text of Amicus Brief by CalPERS Supporting Appeals by Retirees in Detroit Bankruptcy Case (PDF)
Pensions Still Cloud Stockton Bankruptcy Exit
Unions Want to Use $100M in Federal Housing Relief Money to Plug Detroit Pension Hole
Detroit Pension Deal Approved by One Retirement System
Supreme Court Justices on the Edge About Protections for Inherited IRAs in Bankruptcy
Detroit's Revised Bankruptcy Exit Plan Would Increase Pain for Some Retirees
Supreme Court Argument Preview: Scope of Protections for Retirement Funds in Bankruptcy Squarely at Issue
Protecting Private Wealth: Recent Bankruptcy Cases Involving Tuition Payments and Profit Sharing Plans
Once Bankrupt, City of Vallejo Still Can't Afford Its Pricey Pensions
Eleventh Circuit: Bankruptcy Trustee Could Not Sue Bankrupt Company's Former Owner for Terminated Plan Liabilities
Text of Amicus Brief Addressing Treatment of Inherited Retirement Accounts in Bankruptcy (PDF)
Detroit Bankruptcy Plan Includes Deep Pension Cuts, Eliminates COLAs
Post-Bankruptcy Detroit to Keep Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Detroit Files Plan to Restructure Debt, Leave Bankruptcy
[Opinion] 2014 Facts: State and Municipal Bankruptcy, Municipal Bonds, and State and Local Pensions (PDF)
Does Bankruptcy Protection Extend to Inherited IRAs? (PDF)
Michigan Governor Offers Pension Aid to Detroit, with Conditions
Michigan Lawmakers Weigh Aid for Detroit on Pensions
11th Circuit Discredits Company's Intent for Pension Claim
What to Do About Employee Benefits When the Company Is Headed Towards Insolvency
Detroit's Emergency Manager Opts to Delay Pension Freeze
Detroit Pension Funds Can Go Straight to U.S. Appeals Court
District Court Order Grants CalPERS Motion for Leave to Appeal to Ninth Circuit on San Bernardino Bankruptcy (PDF)
Are City Fiscal Woes Widespread? Are Pensions the Cause? (PDF)
[Opinion] Allowing Detroit to Cut Retirees' Pensions is 'Unprecedented and Unconscionable'
Detroit Judge's Denial of Special Protections for Pensions May Have Wider Implications
[Opinion] Illinois Slays Its Pension Dragon?
[Opinion] Detroit's Bankruptcy Breakthrough: Pension Impairment Allowed by Judge
Detroit Is Ruled Eligible for Bankruptcy, No Special Protections for Pensions

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