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IRS Safe Harbor for Accepting Rollover Contributions: on the Interplay Between Rev. Rul. 2014-9 and Form 5310
IRS Defers Effective Date of Bobrow Decision to 2015 Distributions
Helping Plan Participants to Choose Between Annuities and Lump Sums
[Guidance Overview] FINRA's 'Reminder' About Rollovers Is News to Many
What to Do With Your 401(k) When You Retire
[Guidance Overview] IRS Ruling Streamlines Plans' Acceptance of Rollover Contributions
Would an Expanded Fiduciary Definition Lead to Billions in Retirement Cash-Outs?
Chart of Rollover-Eligible Retirement Plans and IRA Combinations (PDF)
[Opinion] Mountains of Paperwork Make 401(k) Transfers a Tough Hill to Climb
[Guidance Overview] IRS Offers Two New Due Diligence Safe Harbor Procedures for Accepting Rollovers into Qualified Plans
[Guidance Overview] IRS Rev. Rul. 2014-9 Offers Rollover Due Diligence Safe Harbor (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands In-Plan Roth Rollovers
[Guidance Overview] Two New Safe Harbor Procedures for Rollovers to Qualified Plans
[Guidance Overview] PBGC Proposes Additional Guarantee for Rollover Benefits (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Guidance Facilitating Rollovers to Qualified Retirement Plans
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Rev. Rul. 2014-9: Reasonable Belief by Administrator When Accepting Rollover into Qualified Retirement Plan (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Proposed Regs: Title IV Treatment of Rollover from Defined Contribution Plan to Defined Benefit Plan
IRA Rollovers: 'One' Really Does Mean 'One' Now
The 60-Day IRA Rollover: What Can Go Wrong
[Guidance Overview] IRA Rollover Guidance Issued: IRS Will Follow the Tax Court
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Announcement 2014-15: Application of One-Per-Year Limit on IRA Rollovers (PDF)
A Warning on Multiple IRA Rollovers
Rollovers to IRAs from Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans: Emerging Legal and Regulatory Standards (PDF)
Schwab Shoos $25 Billion of Client Assets Out the Door as It Calls the Bluff of Employers with Lopsided 401(k) Contracts
Are Some People Rolling Into IRAs in Order to Make Tax-Advantaged Withdrawals? (PDF)
IRS Issues Guidance on Roth Rollovers of Nondistributable Balances
IRA Rollovers: A Checklist for Documenting the Discussion
[Opinion] Tax Court Ruling and IRS Rollover Guidance Don't Add Up
Roll Over, Bobrow: Surprising Tax Court Decision on IRA Rollover Rules
Even a Tax Lawyer Can Get the IRA Rollover Rules Wrong
Tax Court Takes Restrictive View of One Year Limitation on Indirect IRA Rollovers (PDF)
Overall IRA Withdrawal Rates Follow RMD Rule Rates
[Guidance Overview] FINRA and SEC to Focus on IRA Rollover Practices in 2014
Tax Court Takes Restrictive View of One-IRA-Rollover-Per-Year Rule
[Guidance Overview] Qualified Plans and Executive Pay Programs Exempt from Net Investment Income Tax
[Opinion] Concern Over EBSA Fiduciary Standard is Still Bipartisan
Payout Options for Retirement Income from Defined Contribution Plans: The Plan Sponsor's Perspective
[Official Guidance] DOL Technical Release No. 2013-04: ERISA Definition of Marriage Includes Same-Sex Persons Validly Married in State Where Marriage Was Celebrated
[Official Guidance] IRS Revenue Ruling 2013-17: Federal Tax Treatment of Same-Sex Spouses and Domestic Partners (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Treasury and IRS Announce That All Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Recognized for Federal Tax Purposes (PDF)
Recent Studies on Rollovers Identify Emerging Issues
[Guidance Overview] Effect on Benefits Plans of the Supreme Court Decision on DOMA
IRA Contribution Flows Dwarfed by Rollovers (PDF)
Monitoring the Providers of IRA Rollover Services: What Are a Plan Sponsor's Responsibilities? (PDF)
Five Reasons to Let a Sleeping 401(k) Lie
TSP Beneficiary Beware
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Private Letter Ruling Extending 60-Day Rollover Period Because of Bank Error (PDF)
When Rolling Over, Make Sure You Don't Get Squished by Costs
401(k) Rollover Study Triggers Call for Action to Protect Plan Participants
Text of GAO Report: DOL and IRS Could Improve the Rollover Process for Participants
Making a 'Backdoor' Roth IRA Contribution
[Guidance Overview] 'Blue Book' Clarifies Distribution Restrictions Following In-Service Roth Conversions
Auto Rollovers: They're Not Just for Crash Test Dummies
Annual IRA Rollovers to Surpass $450B by 2017
2012 Q&As: Treasury and IRS Meeting with ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits, May 11, 2012 (PDF)
Advantages and Disadvantages of DC to DB Rollovers
Annuity Buyers Finding Guaranteed Lifetime Benefits Attractive
[Guidance Overview] A Bridge Too Far: Early Retirement Exception from 10% Tax Was Available from Participant's 401(k), But Not After IRA Rollover
Think Twice About Rolling Your 401(k) into an IRA -- Consider Investment Management Fees When You Receive New Disclosure Report
[Opinion] ERIC Offers Recommendations to Improve Treasury Lifetime Income Guidance

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