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Domestic partner, same-sex benefits

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Domestic Partnership Converted Retroactively to Marriage After Death Provides Basis for VA Spousal Benefits
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Final Regs: Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Eligibility Changes
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Proposed Regs to Accommodate Obergefell
[Guidance Overview] Health & Welfare Plan Update, September 2015 (PDF)
States Begin to Issue Guidance on Marriage Benefits
Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Likely to Require More Changes to Benefit Plans and Payroll Practices (PDF)
Health and Welfare Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses After Obergefell: A New Mandate for Employers?
Wal-Mart Sued for Retroactive Availability of Spousal Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses
Governmental Plans: Moving Forward After the Obergefell Decision
Non-Governmental Employer Considerations for Retirement Plan Administration After Obergefell
Maryland Revamps Its in Vitro Coverage Mandate to Accommodate Same-Sex Couples
Will Domestic Partner Benefits Stay or Go After the Supreme Court Decision?
Same-Sex Marriage: Effect on Benefits
Supreme Court Decision Provides New Financial Planning Opportunities
Same-Sex Marriage: A Practical Guide for Employers
The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Key Employee Benefits Take-Aways
Fate of Domestic Partner Benefits in Question After Marriage Ruling
Effect of the New York State Marriage Equality Act on Health Insurance Coverage
Employee Benefits Effects of Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision
The Impact of Same-Sex Marriages on Benefit Plan Administration
EEOC May Pursue Federal Right to Equal Coverage for Same-Sex Spouses and Transgender-Related Procedures
Texas Court Halts Enforcement of New FMLA Rule Extending Leave Rights to Same-Sex Couples
[Guidance Overview] DOL Extends FMLA Rights to Same-Sex Spouses (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] FMLA Modified to Protect Same-Sex Spouses Regardless of Employees' State of Residence
[Guidance Overview] If Legally Married Somewhere, Then Legally Married Everywhere Under the FMLA
[Guidance Overview] DOL Announces a Revised Definition of 'Spouse' for FMLA Purposes
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Ruling: Implementing U.S. v. Windsor for Purposes of Entitlement and Enrollment in Medicare Hospital Insurance and Supplementary Medical Insurance
Employers Debate Changes to Domestic Partner Benefits for Employees in States Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal
Employers Debate the Merits and Challenges of Changing Domestic Partner Benefits
Federal District Court in California Asked to Determine Retroactive Applicability of United States v. Windsor
Second Circuit Affirms that Health Plan's Same-Sex Spouse Exclusion Does Not Violate ERISA
Supreme Court to Address Same-Sex Marriage: Effect on Employer-Sponsored Group Health Plans (PDF)
Popular Southern Grocery Chain to Offer Same-Sex Health Benefits
Group Health Plans for Same-Sex Spouses: Equal Treatment Required or Not?
Impact on Employee Benefit Plans of the Supreme Court's Recent Actions on Marriage
More States Recognize Same-Sex Marriages But No Mandate Yet for Self-Funded ERISA Plans to Extend Coverage to Same-Sex Spouses
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Proposed Regs: Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program -- Providing Option C Coverage for Children of Same-Sex Domestic Partners
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases: How Does This Affect Employee Benefit Plan Administration?
Claim Based on Health Plan's Failure to Cover Same-Gender Spouse Survives under Title VII as Gender Discrimination Claim
[Official Guidance] Text of OPM Notice: Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees Retirement System; Notice to Surviving Same-Sex Spouses of Deceased Federal Annuitants, Employees, or Former Employees Who Died Prior to June 26, 2013
[Guidance Overview] Same-Gender Spouses and 401(k) and Pension Plans: Does Your Plan Need to Be Amended by December 31, 2014?
[Guidance Overview] Developments Impacting Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses
[Guidance Overview] IRS Guidance on Application of the Windsor Decision to Retirement Plans (PDF)
Health & Welfare Plans and Same-Sex Spouses: Where Are We Now?
[Guidance Overview] IRS Provides Guidance for Employee Income Tax Correction for Same-Sex Spousal Health Coverage After U.S. v. Windsor
More Post-Windsor Tax Guidance: IRS Outlines Steps for Individuals to Obtain Tax Refunds for Same-Sex Spousal Health Coverage
Same-Sex Couple Benefits: The DOMA Decision One Year Later
DOMA Invalidation Complicates Surviving-Spouse Beneficiary Matters
[Guidance Overview] Same-Sex Marriages and Retirement Plans: Turning Back Time to June 26, 2013 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Retirement Plans Need Not Apply U.S. v. Windsor Retroactively
[Official Guidance] Social Security Defines Policy for Same-Sex Married Couples; Agency Extends Benefits Broadly, Subject to Legal Constraints
[Guidance Overview] Handout for IRS Phone Forum: Retirement Plans After Windsor, June 26, 2014 (PDF)
What Same-Gender Marriages Mean for Your Employee Benefit Plans
Another Same-Sex Marriage Ban Falls: FMLA Implications for Wisconsin Residents
[Guidance Overview] Washington State Now Requires Health Plan Coverage Parity for Same-Sex Spouses
[Guidance Overview] Post-Windsor Amendments to Puerto Rico Qualified Plans (PDF)
Upcoming IRS Phone Forum: Retirement Plans After Windsor, June 26, 2014
[Guidance Overview] CMS Addresses Treatment of Same-Sex Spouses Under Medicare Secondary Payer Rules
[Guidance Overview] Your Retirement Plan Must Recognize Same-Sex Spouses: A Timeline for Compliance
Two More States Extend Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples; State Bans Continue to Fall

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