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Flexible work time

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[Guidance Overview] Massachusetts Becomes the Latest Jurisdiction to Require Paid Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] Do You Have California Employees? Action Required by January 1, 2015 to Comply with California's New Paid Sick Leave Law
California's New Paid Sick Leave Law
Flex Time Doesn't Need to Be an HR Policy
Philadelphia Mayor's Task Force Recommends Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] California Imposes Mandatory Sick Leave Law
[Guidance Overview] California Guarantees Paid Sick Leave to Employees
Government Workers Get First Crack at Phased Retirement
Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Initiatives by Healthy Margins (PDF)
New Jersey Considering Requirement for Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
'Work Martyrs' Turning U.S. Into 'PTO Graveyard'
GAO Report on Federal Paid Administrative Leave: Additional Guidance Needed to Improve OPM Data
[Guidance Overview] Changes Coming to Connecticut's Paid Sick Leave Law on January 1, 2015 (PDF)
District of Columbia's Expanded Paid Sick Leave Law Now in Effect (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Two More Cities Require Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave (PDF)
Philadelphia Passes Breastfeeding Act
Paid Vacation Benefits Available to 77 Percent of Private-Industry Employees
Paid Leave Encourages Female Employees to Stay
Flextime Is Declining, But 'Flex Around the Edges' Is Up
Telecommuting: Benefit or Accommodation?
Your Work-Life Balance Should Be Your Company's Problem
Connecticut Legislature Makes Changes to Paid Sick Leave Law
Right to Request Flexible Working Extended in U.K.
University Gets It Right When It Says, 'Enough Is Enough': Tenth Circuit Upholds Inflexible Leave Policy
Paid Sick Leave Moves Ahead While Paid Family Leave Lags Behind (PDF)
California State-Mandated Employee Leaves of Absence
IRS Announces Section 409A Audit Initiative
Employees Sense Weakened Commitment to Work/Life Flexibility; Lack of Training Contributes to Eroding Confidence
With Flextime, Bosses Prefer Early Birds to Night Owls
First Circuit Finds No FMLA Violation Despite Employer's Improper and Untimely FMLA Notices
Employer Must Prove Physical Presence in Workplace is Essential Function, Sixth Circuit Rules
PTO Policy: What Are Your Obligations as an Employer?
Some Things Are Worth Repeating: Beware of PTO Cash-Outs!
Paid Family Leave: Can a State-by-State Approach Work?
The Flexibility Bias
Employers Shouldn't Strike Out on Leave for New Dads
The Push for Mandatory Paid-Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] What Employers Need to Know About the New York City Earned Sick Time Act
Workplace Flexibility Still a Pipe Dream for Most
New York City's Paid Sick Time Law Goes Into Effect April 1, 2014
[Guidance Overview] New York City's Revised Earned Sick Time Act Becomes Effective on April 1
Mayor Approves Newark Paid Sick Leave; Ordinance Expected to Take Effect Mid-June 2014
Employers Must Treat Employees on Military Leave Like Those on Comparable Leaves, Eighth Circuit Rules
Newark Follows Jersey City to Enact Paid Sick Time Law
New York City Council Swiftly Passes Bill to Extend Paid Sick Leave for All But Smallest Employers
[Guidance Overview] District of Columbia Greatly Expands Paid Sick Leave Coverage, Enforcement, and Penalties
Newark Expected to Enact Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
Modifications to New York City Earned Sick Leave Act Proposed
A Triple Dog Dare: Take These Five Steps in 2014 to Drastically Improve Your FMLA Compliance
The Public Sector Lags Behind in Short-Term Disability Benefits
Portland Sick Leave Mandate Catches Vancouver Businesses Off-Guard
Proposed Legislation Would Require Paid Family/Medical Leave Nationwide
OECD Finds Link Between Parental Leave and the Gender Pay Gap
New York City's Earned Sick Time Act to Go Into Effect on April 1, 2014 (PDF)
Upshot of Two Ohio Cases: When It Comes to the FMLA, Employers Need to Set Their Radars to Detect Potential Interference Claims
Among 38 Nations, U.S. Is the Outlier When It Comes to Paid Parental Leave
Employers Set 2014 Holiday Schedules
What Employers Need to Know About Portland, Oregon's Paid Sick Leave
[Guidance Overview] Final Regs Clarify and Expand Portland (Oregon) Sick Leave Law Requirements
Paving a Way to Greater Flexibility

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