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Health plan costs - healthcare delivery

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Your Kaiser Permanente Doctor Will See You Now -- at Target
[Opinion] Hospital Consolidation Isn't the Key to Lowering Costs and Raising Quality
Health Care Executives Embracing Telemedicine
Designing Smarter Pay-for-Performance Programs
[Guidance Overview] New York State Department of Health Releases Long-Awaited Proposed Regs Authorizing Formation of ACOs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] New DOL Guidance Places Conditions on Employers Using Reference Pricing and Narrow Networks
CMS Offers Some ACOs $114 Million for 'Upfront' Costs
[Official Guidance] Text of CMS Accountable Care Organization Investment Model Fact Sheet
From Competitors to Co-Adventurers, Seven Hospital Systems Join with Anthem Blue Cross to Shake Things Up in Southern California
Eastward Ho! More Pioneer ACOs Turn Their Wagons Around
[Opinion] Kaiser Permanente Chairman Bernard Tyson on the 'Kaiserfication' of America
How 'Any Willing Provider' Laws Make Health Care More Expensive
Impact of Insurance Expansion on Hospital Uncompensated Care Costs in 2014 (PDF)
ACA Is Erasing the Difference Between Hospitals and Insurers
Hospital Administrative Costs in Eight Nations: U.S. Costs Exceed All Others by Far
Wal-Mart Wants to Be Your Doctor
A Survey of State Policies on Provider Market Power (PDF)
[Opinion] Text of Testimony on Behalf of American Enterprise Institute for House Subcommittee Hearing: 'The President's Health Care Law Does Not Equal Health Care Access' (PDF)
Hospitals' Purchase of Doctor Practices Leads to Higher Prices, Spending
Do Integrated Health Care Systems Provide Lower Cost, Higher Quality Care?
[Opinion] How Should Doctors Get Paid?
Sixth Circuit Affirms FTC Order of Divestiture, Prohibits Health System's Purchase of Competing Hospital
Sixth Circuit Upholds FTC Hospital Merger Challenge
Sixth Circuit Decision Highlights Importance of Antitrust Considerations in Health Care Consolidation Planning
CMS to Private Insurers: Adopt Payment Reforms More Quickly
As Medical Providers Consolidate, Questions Arise About Effects on Costs, Quality of Care
Healthcare Costs in U.S. Far Exceed Costs in Other Countries
2013 Prices of Medical Procedures, Tests, Scans and Treatments in Nine Countries
Four Years Into a Commercial ACO for CalPERS: Substantial Savings and Lessons Learned
Provider Sponsored Health Plans: Five Necessities for Launching a Successful Plan
Accountable Care Organizations, Explained
Structuring Incentives Within Organizations: The Case of Accountable Care Organizations
Idaho Judge's Order to Unwind Hospital's Acquisition of Physician Group Tests Boundaries of Antitrust Laws and the ACA
Navigating Federal Health Insurance Exchanges? Find an International Road Map
Employer-Sponsored Medical Clinics: Much More Than Convenience Care (PDF)
ACOs Will Replace Insurers, Former Obama Adviser Says
Healthcare Reform Continues to Roil U.S. Managed Markets as the Number of ACOs Nearly Doubles and State Exchanges Create Clear Winners and Losers
Compliance Issues for On-Site Health Clinics
Fourth Georgia Hospital Closes Due to Obamacare Cuts
[Opinion] Annual Report on the State of the Nation's Health Care (PDF)
[Opinion] The Flaw of Regulatory Perfection
Can New Payment and Delivery System Models Achieve High-Value Care for Mental Health and Substance-Use Disorders?
Proposed Bipartisan Bill Would Reward Medicare Doctors for Quality
Pioneer ACOs' First-Year Results Leave a Lot of Room for Improvement
Insurers Face New Pressure Over Limited Doctor Choice
Use of Telemedicine Can Reduce Hospitalizations of Nursing Home Residents and Generate Savings for Medicare
[Opinion] Judging Hospital Quality and Narrow Networks: Barking Up the Wrong Tree?
'In the News' Newsletter by the National Business Group on Health, February 2014
[Opinion] Why the SGR Fix Won't Work and Could Actually Make Things Worse
Understanding Differences Between High- and Low-Price Hospitals: Implications for Efforts to Rein in Costs
[Opinion] PCORI Needs to Step Up Research on Comparing the Effectiveness of Health Care
Early Evidence Indicates CO-OP Premium Rates Are Competitive
Provider Consolidation Leads to Less Competition and Higher Costs
The Great ACO Debate: 2014 Edition
How Much to Deliver a Baby? Charges Vary Widely by Hospital
Why Half of All Healthcare CEOs Don't Want to Be in an ACO
Maryland's Plan for Hospital Prices: Can Aggressive Government Regulation Dramatically Cut Health Spending?
Bigger Footprint Could Be Saving Grace for CO-OPs
Confessions of a Medicare Supplement Salesman
Massachusetts Wastes One Third of Health Spending, State Report Concludes

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