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Health plans - retiree coverage

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Retiree Health Benefits Case Remanded to District Court for Additional Fact Finding
Early Retiree Wannabes Need Health Insurance as Much as Pension or Savings
U.S. Government Suspends Enrollment in Cigna Medicare Advantage, Drug Plans
Text of Sixth Circuit Opinion Remanding Retiree Health Benefit Case for Determination of Vesting in Accordance with Supreme Court Decision (PDF)
Differences in Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenses of Older Single and Couple Households
[Guidance Overview] IRS Private Letter Rulings Address Reallocation of VEBA Assets
Disconnect Shown Between Retirees and Employers Over Retirement Medical Benefits
Coal Company Gets Bankruptcy Court Approval to Nix CBAs, Retiree Benefits
Accounting for Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits, 2015
[Guidance Overview] OPEB Reporting: Summary of Changes to GASB Statements
Disconnect Between Retirees and Employers Over Understanding of Retirement Medical Benefits
Retiree Health Care a Budget Buster: Boston Could Cut Costs, Still Reward Long-Time Employees
Illinois Judge Keeps Chicago Retiree Healthcare Challenge Alive
Retiree Health Benefits Post-Tackett: The Need for Clear and Unambiguous Language (PDF)
Committee Votes to Raise Health Care Premium for New Hampshire Retirees Under 65
Affluent Boomers Consider Long-Term Care Top Risk to Well-Being in Retirement, Yet Only 3 in 10 Have Made Financial Plan to Address Issue
Early Retirement and the ACA (PDF)
Text of Federal District Court Opinion Denying Retiree Lifetime Health Benefits Post-Tackett (PDF)
Amount of Savings Needed for Health Expenses for People Eligible for Medicare: Unlike the Last Few Years, the News Is Not Good (PDF)
Best Practices: Managing Risk in Corporate VEBA and SERP Plans (PDF)
Health Care Costs for Couples in Retirement Rise to an Estimated $245,000
Applying M&G Polymers Supreme Court Decision, District Court Decides Retirees Are Not Entitled to Lifetime Health Benefit
Text of District Court Order in CNH Industrial America Case, Denying Lifetime Retiree Health Benefits Under Collective Bargaining Agreement
Re-Employing Retirees? Take Steps to Avoid Problems with Health & Welfare Plans
Health Status of Older U.S. Workers and Nonworkers, National Health Interview Survey, 1997-2011
What Causes Workers to Retire Before They Plan?
October 14 Deadline for Medicare Part D Creditable/Non-Creditable Coverage Notices Nears (PDF)
Deal Requires California State Workers to Pay Ahead for Retiree Health Care
No Social Security COLA Causes Medicare Flap
[Guidance Overview] Retiree HRAs and the ACA: Doing It Right (PDF)
Union Rallies Outside Patriot Coal Over Pension and Retiree Health Benefits
Factoring Health Care Costs Into Your Retirement Plan (PDF)
Use of Excess DB Plan Assets for Retiree Healthcare Extended to 2025
[Opinion] Relief for Cities' Budget-Busting Healthcare Costs
Social Security Finances: Findings of the 2015 Trustees Report (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Finds HRA Contributions for Retirees and Dependents Were Exempt from Gross Income
Action Steps for Automotive Employers After Supreme Court Repudiates Vesting Presumption for Retiree Health Care
Pension/OPEB 2015 Assumption and Disclosure Survey (PDF)
Legislation Would Extend Provision for Using Surplus Pension Funding
FASB Approves Project for Improving the Presentation of Net Periodic Pension Cost and Net Periodic Postretirement Benefit Cost
OPEB Funding Policy Opportunities
[Official Guidance] Text of GASB Statement No. 75, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefits Other Than Pensions
[Guidance Overview] Text of GASB Fact Sheet on Statement No. 74, Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefit Plans Other Than Pension Plans, and Statement No. 75, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefits Other Than Pensions (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of GASB Statement No. 74, Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefit Plans Other Than Pension Plans
New Accounting Rules Try to Spotlight Hidden Retiree Healthcare Debt
Did Your Plan Receive 28% in Retiree Drug Subsidies? (PDF)
Text of Federal District Court Opinion: Retiree Health Benefits Not Vested Under Terms of SPD Nor of Collective Bargaining Agreement
NLRB Upholds Unilateral Changes in Negotiated Employee Benefits
UPS Can Apply Lifetime Limits to Its Retiree Health Plans
[Guidance Overview] GASB Approves New Statements for OPEB Accounting and Non-Trust Pension Benefits
GM Not Obligated to Make $450 Million Contribution to Fund Union Retiree Health Benefits
Accounting Rule to Force U.S. Cities to Report Healthcare Bills
[Guidance Overview] GASB Improves Reporting for Health Insurance and Other Retiree Benefits
Federal District Court: Retiree-Only Health Plan Is Exempt from Lifetime Dollar Limit
A Farewell to Yard-Man
Companies Look to Transition Retirees to Health Exchanges
Federal District Court Finds Retiree Health Plan's Lifetime Limit Did Not Violate the ACA
San Bernardino to Slash Retiree Health Care in Bankruptcy Plan
Renegotiating Retiree Health Care Plans After New Supreme Court Guidance
[Guidance Overview] CMS Releases 2016 Medicare Part D Benefit Parameters (PDF)

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