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Tackett Decision Opens Door for Review and Modification of Collectively Bargained Retiree Benefits
Key Supreme Court Case Leaves Many Union Retiree Health Care Benefits Up in the Air
Collectively Bargained Retiree Medical Benefits No Longer Presumed Vested in the Sixth Circuit
Supreme Court Dispenses with the Yard-Man Inferences
High Court Opinion Vacates Longstanding 6th Circuit Position on Retiree Healthcare Liabilities
Supreme Court Says No Presumption That Retiree Medical Benefits Are Vested
Supreme Court Rejects Presumption of Vesting of Retiree Welfare Benefits
Supreme Court Rejects Yard-Man: Ordinary Contract Principles Apply When Interpreting Retiree Medical Promises
Supreme Court Rejects Analysis of Duration of Retiree Benefits as Contrary to Contract Law
The Long-Awaited Death of Yard-Man
Traditional Contract Rules Determine Whether Retirees Are Entitled to Lifetime Healthcare Benefits
Supreme Court Rules Against Retirees in Union Health Benefits Case
Supreme Court Rejects Presumption of Lifetime Health Benefit Vesting, Calling for Analysis Under Ordinary Contract Principles
Text of Unanimous Supreme Court Opinion, Vacating and Remanding Sixth Circuit Decision on Vesting of Retiree Health Benefits (PDF)
Surviving Spouses of Caterpillar Retirees Entitled to Damages for Cost of Substitute Healthcare
Governor Jerry Brown Tackles California's Retiree Health Liability
Study Disputes Perception That New Beneficiaries Are Fueling Medicare Advantage Growth
The Other Debt Bomb in Public Employee Benefits: Retiree Healthcare Liabilities
California Governor's Plan to Eliminate Retiree Health Care Debt
ACA Prompts Employers for Pre-65 Retiree Medical Changes
What the ACA Means for Insurance Brokers
Tackling California's Ballooning Debt for Retiree Health Care
Active and Retired Public Employees' Health Insurance: Potential Data Sources
Retiree Health Care Benefits for State and Local Employees in 2014
Managing Health Care Costs During Retirement: What Pre-Retirees Can Do Now
Retirees with Health Coverage Say They Are Financially Comfortable But Still Worry About Health Costs
International Survey of Older Adults Finds Shortcomings in Access, Coordination, and Patient-Centered Health Care
Fortune 1000 Companies Have a $285 Billion Retiree Medical Liability
Retiree Health Benefit Dispute Draws Multiple Briefs, Including 'True' Amicus Brief
2014 Pension and OPEB Assumption and Disclosure Survey (PDF)
Supreme Court Justices Dust Off Contracts Treatises for Dispute Over Retiree Health Benefit Vesting
Supreme Court Weighs Case Over Cuts to Retiree Health Benefits
Transcript of Oral Argument before Supreme Court in Retiree Health Benefit Vesting Case (PDF)
Argument Preview: Supreme Court to Consider Vesting of Retiree Health Care Benefits
Love, Toil, and Health Insurance: Why American Husbands Retire When They Do
GE Sued for Moving to DC Model for Retiree Health Care
Text of Reply Brief for Petitioners to Supreme Court on Appeal of Sixth Circuit Decision Upholding Lifetime Retiree Health Benefits Under Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)
AT&T Cancels Retiree Health Insurance
Cities Are Eliminating the Healthcare Benefits Once Promised to Retirees
Does Your Health Plan Span the Generations? (PDF)
Text of Amicus Brief by AFL-CIO to Supreme Court on Appeal of Sixth Circuit Decision Upholding Lifetime Retiree Health Benefits Under Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)
Text of Amicus Brief by Labor and Benefits Law Professors to Supreme Court on Appeal of Sixth Circuit Decision Upholding Lifetime Retiree Health Benefits Under Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)
Truth and Consequence: Status Report of the New Jersey Pension and Health Benefit Study Commission (PDF)
The Effect of Employer Bankruptcy on Retiree Benefits, with Applications to the Automotive and Coal Industries (PDF)
Text of Federal District Court Opinion: CBAs Granted Lifetime Company-Paid Retiree Health Benefits to Most Whirlpool Retirees (PDF)
Text of Respondents' Brief to Supreme Court on Appeal of Sixth Circuit Decision Upholding Lifetime Retiree Health Benefits Under Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)
City of Chicago Retirees to See 40 Percent Health Insurance Hike
Text of Federal District Court Opinion Awarding Moen Retirees Nearly $800,000 in Attorney's Fees in Successful Challenge to Termination of Health Benefits (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] GASB 67/68: Substantively Automatic Plan Provisions (PDF)
[Opinion] Text of Comments by American Academy of Actuaries to GASB: Exposure Drafts on Accounting and Financial Reporting for Other Postemployment Benefits (PDF)
[Opinion] Text of Comments by American Academy of Actuaries to GASB on Exposure Draft on Reporting for Pension Plans Not Administered Through Certain Trusts, and Amendments to Certain Provisions of GASB Statements 67 and 68 (PDF)
Are Health Care Costs in Retirement Really So High?
[Guidance Overview] Retired and Rehired: ACA Penalties Can be Avoided if Employer Adopts the Look Back Measurement Method Safe Harbor
[Guidance Overview] GASB's Exposure Drafts for OPEB Accounting: Comments to GASB Due by August 29, 2014
Cuts in Healthcare Benefits Driving Delayed Retirement by Public Employees
Detroit to Sell Millions in New Debt to Settle Bankruptcy
Simplifying Retiree Health Benefits: Where Less Is More
[Opinion] Unfunded Retiree Healthcare Benefits Are the Elephant in the Room
[Opinion] Amicus Brief by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Urging Supreme Court to Overrule Sixth Circuit Presumption of Vesting for Retiree Health Benefits (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Captive Insurance Ruling Creates Opportunities for Plan Sponsors

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