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[Opinion] Don't Blame Yourself -- Retirement Crisis Stems from Bad Policies, Not Bad Habits
Hybrid Plan Rules Leave Those Using Whipsaw in Tight Spot
[Guidance Overview] DOL 'Clearing the Way' for State-Based Retirement Plans
State-Run Open MEPs Ready to Bloom, But with Challenges
[Opinion] Is myRA myRedundant?
[Guidance Overview] DOL Provides Guidance on ERISA Coverage of State-Run Retirement Programs for Private Sector Employees
[Opinion] DOL Guidance Provides a Big Step Forward for State-Based Initiatives
What Men Can Learn From Women About Saving for Retirement
Massachusetts Considers Retirement Plan for Workers in Private Sector
Florida Republicans Look at Closing Public DB System to New Members
[Opinion] How the SEC Got DB Plans All Wrong
Uncertainty Denial: How Well Can Anyone Predict Long-Term Investment Returns?
Annuity Payouts from DC Plans: The Debate Continues
All Quiet on the Pension Front at the $20 Billion Club
Bills Aim to Clarify Church Plan Rules
Will State-Run Plans Help Close the Coverage Gap?
[Guidance Overview] DOL Expresses Support for State-Sponsored ERISA Programs
Universal Savings Accounts (USAs) Introduced
Third Quarter 2015 U.S. Pension Buy-Out Sales Top $3 Billion for Second Consecutive Quarter
[Opinion] Who Put the Dagger in the Heart of Defined Benefit
Millennials Face Unique Obstacles When Saving for Retirement
Changes in Household Spending After Retirement: Results from a Longitudinal Sample (PDF)
[Opinion] Laying the Groundwork for More Efficient Retirement Savings Incentives
Global Aging and Retirement Security in Emerging Markets
Evidence on Defined Contribution Health and Retirement Benefits: The Road Ahead (PDF)
Schools and Teachers Being Asked to Carry a Large and Growing Pension Burden
[Guidance Overview] DOL Publishes Interpretive Bulletin and Proposed Safe Harbor Regulation for State-Sponsored Retirement Savings Plans
[Guidance Overview] DOL Issues Guidance for State-Run Retirement Plans (PDF)
Employers Actually CAN Resolve America's Retirement Crisis
[Guidance Overview] DOL Proposes Safe Harbor and Issues Interpretive Bulletin on State-Based Savings Programs
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Final Regs Providing Anti-Cutback Relief and Guidance for Hybrid Retirement Plans
Confidence and Reality Often at Odds When Planning for Retirement
IRS Dec. 8 Webinar: Employee Plans Examinations Update, Fall 2015
DOL Opens the Door for State-Run Retirement Initiatives
[Guidance Overview] DOL Releases Guidance to Facilitate State-Based Retirement Initiatives (PDF)
[Opinion] Facilitating State-Level Action to Support a Secure Retirement
[Opinion] DOL Gives State-Run Plans an Edge Over Private Sector
[Opinion] State-Based Retirement Programs Pose Hazards for Employers, Workers
[Guidance Overview] EBSA Fact Sheet on State Savings Programs for Non-Government Employees
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Interpretive Bulletin 2015-02: State Savings Programs That Sponsor or Facilitate Plans Covered by ERISA
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Proposed Regs: Safe Harbor for Savings Arrangements Established by States for Non-Governmental Employees
Women's Perspectives on Saving, Investing, and Retirement Planning
New Rules Would Make It Easier for Small-Business Workers to Save for Retirement
How Will Near-Retirees Manage Retirement Savings for Retirement Income? (PDF)
How Retirees Manage Retirement Savings for Retirement Income (PDF)
The Lost Generation: Engaging Millennials in Saving for Retirement (PDF)
Five Questions Every DC Sponsor Should Ask (PDF)
Guide to Safe Harbor Plans
Cypen & Cypen Newsletter for November 12, 2015
Senate HELP Committee Looks at Multiple-Employer Plans
Five Reasons More DC Plans Don't Offer Retirement Income Options
Senate Approves Final Defense Bill with Military Retirement Reforms
Pemex Says Union Pact to Reduce Its $90 Billion Pension Burden
Why Advisory Firms Need an Employee Ownership Plan
Retirement Health Care Costs and Income Replacement Ratios (PDF)
Borzi Briefs ERISA Advisory Council on State Plan Guidance, Fiduciary Proposal
What's The Right 401(k) Contribution Rate?
[Opinion] The Inefficiencies of Existing Retirement Savings Incentives (PDF)
[Opinion] States Are the Laboratories for Retirement Ideas
[Opinion] ERISA: Have We Reached Paralysis by Regulation?

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