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CalPERS Earnings No Longer Last Among Big Public Pension Funds
Long Live Longevity Annuities
[Guidance Overview] CalPERS Fact Sheet: Pensionable Compensation Rules (PDF)
[Opinion] How to Enable Better Retirements? Build on the System's Current Successes
[Guidance Overview] IRS Issues Regs on Hybrid Defined Benefit Plan Rules
[Guidance Overview] New IRS Regs Address Cash Balance Plan Requirements
A Review of ERISA Litigation in 2014
Solutions, Not Bailouts: Congressional Hearing Probes Solutions for Frozen and Multiemployer DB Plans
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Final Regs: Additional Rules Regarding Hybrid Retirement Plans
Designing Balanced DC Menus: Consider Capital Preservation Strategies
Text of Eleventh Circuit Opinion Upholding Alabama City's Hike in Pension Contributions (PDF)
[Opinion] Why Not a Minimum Pension?
[Opinion] States Mulling Public Retirement Plans for Private Sector Employees
Treasury Official Discusses Options for Improving DC Plans
A Plan for Disengaged Plan Sponsors (PDF)
ACLI Statement to Senate Finance Committee: Retirement Savings and Tax Reform (PDF)
Congressional Gridlock and the Future of Pensions
[Opinion] Text of ERIC Statement to Senate Finance Committee for Retirement Savings Hearing on September 16, 2014
[Opinion] Text of ICI Statement for Hearing on 'Retirement Savings 2.0: Updating Savings Policy for the Modern Economy' (PDF)
Text of GAO Report: Preliminary Information on IRA Balances Accumulated as of 2011
[Opinion] Here's What the Senate Finance Committee Should Address to Help Small Business Retirement Plans
Unions Confronting Employer Spinoff and Joint Venture Transactions Need to Understand Pension Funding Ramifications (PDF)
DHL Pension Transfer Option Elimination Doesn't Violate ERISA Anti-Cutback Rules
Oregon Retirement Security Task Force Recommends State-Sponsored DC Plan for Private-Sector Employees
Sixth Circuit Grants Enhanced Benefits After Corporate Takeover, Even Though Employment Continued with Successor Employer
[Guidance Overview] Text of JCT Summary of Present Law and Background Relating to Qualified Defined Benefit Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Text of JCT Summary of Present Law and Background Relating to Tax-Favored Retirement Savings (PDF)
How Safe Is Your Retirement Nest Egg from Creditors?
Job-Hopping Millennials Lose Big on Retirement Savings
Macroeconomic Determinants of Retirement Timing
Retirement Insecurity: Two Studies Underline Housing and Income Challenges
Can Insurance Companies Save Public Pensions?
2014 Retirement Research Consortium Meeting Presentations, August 7-8, 2014
House Subcommittee to Hold September 17 Hearing: 'Private Employer Defined Benefit Pension Plans'
Senate Finance Committee to Hold Hearing: 'Updating Savings Policy for the Modern Economy'
Principles of Successful Retirement Plan Design: A Focus on Employee Retirement Readiness
IRS Verdict Is In, But Buyer Jury Is Out, on QLACs
Retirement Plan Leakage and Retirement Readiness
Is a Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plan Right for Your Company?
[Opinion] Offering Brokerage Windows in 401(k) Plans: Don't Do It
[Guidance Overview] Handout for IRS Webinar: Retirement News and 'Hot Topics', September 11, 2014 (PDF)
Global Benefit Attitudes Survey Reveals Retirement Confidence
PBGC Coverage May No Longer Apply to Puerto Rico-Only Qualified Retirement Plans
Employer Costs for Employee Compensation, June 2014 (PDF)
Lessons from Efforts to Manage the Shift Away from DB Plans to DC Plans in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States
California State Controller's Review of CalPERS Pension Controls and Mechanisms (PDF)
Design and Operation of Retirement Income Solutions in DC Plans: An Analysis of Alternatives
Actuaries Weigh Income Options for DC Plans
CalPERS Responds: State Controller's Office 'Did Not Identify Pension Spiking'
How Much to Contribute to Your 401(k)? It Depends.
Could Your DC Plan Benefit from Automatic Features?
More Americans Interested In Seeking Financial Advice
[Opinion] 'Vanity Paper' Purporting to Solve 401(k) Fiduciary Issues Is Met with Criticism
2014-2015 Benefits Open Enrollment Guide for Employers (PDF)
Target Date Funds: It's Time for Plan Sponsors to Take a Careful and Cautious Look (PDF)
Do Required Minimum Distributions Matter? The Effect of the 2009 Holiday on Retirement Plan Distributions
[Opinion] Sorry, ERISA Is Hardly a Failure
Despite Curve Balls, Most Retirees Manage on Income Less Than Pre-Retirement Earnings
[Opinion] Happy 40th, ERISA!
Finding the Right 401(k) Match

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