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[Opinion] Let's Expect Transparency from All, Including the Policymakers
The Fiduciary Rule Odyssey: Phyllis Borzi at the Helm
Empowering Illinois' Pension Reform (PDF)
[Opinion] Before Teamsters Negotiate Benefit Cuts, They Should Investigate Reason for Pension Plan Failures
Connecticut Bill Creating Private-Sector Retirement Accounts Passes
[Opinion] The Thatcherism of State-Sponsored Private Sector Retirement Programs
Illinois Mandatory Small-Business Retirement Plan Faces Resistance
[Opinion] This Plan Could End Your 401(k) as You Know It
What the $100m Uber Settlement Means to All Employers
What Moves the Retirement Readiness Needle: Quantification of Risk and Evaluation of New Proposals (PDF)
Connecticut House Sends State-Operated Retirement Plan Bill To Senate
The Impact of 'Next Generation' IRAs: myRA Accounts, EZ IRA and State-Mandated IRAs (PDF)
Could the Saver's Credit Enhance State Coverage Initiatives? (PDF)
How a Bestseller Helped Change the Rules of Retirement
[Opinion] Making BICE Meaningful -- Reality vs. Illusion
House Members Move to Block Fiduciary Rule, Preserve Access to Affordable Retirement Advice
Senate Republicans Move to Block Fiduciary Rule
Two Adverse Decisions Against Church Plans Reached at Appellate Court Level
Assistant Labor Secretary: Spotlight on Gig Economy Underscores Need for Portable Benefits
[Opinion] Karen Friedman's Speech to the Protect Our Pensions Rally (April 14, 2016)
[Opinion] The Fight to Move PBGC Premiums Off-Budget Goes to Capitol Hill
FINRA Chief Sees Improvement in Final DOL Fiduciary Rule
Retirees Rally at the Capitol, Protesting Pension Cuts
Maryland's State-Run IRA Bill Heads for Governor's Signature
Guaranteed Volatility: Pension Costs and State and Local Staffing Levels (PDF)
Judge Garland's ERISA Jurisprudence Reflects His Methodical and Moderate Reputation
'Father of 401(k)' Ted Benna Sounds Off on DOL Fiduciary Rule
Final Fiduciary Rule Attracts Both Praise and Criticism (PDF)
[Opinion] A Revolutionary Retirement Plan?
Fiduciary Opponents to DOL: See You in Court?
[Opinion] Honesty on Pension Debt: It's Now or Never
District Court Rules That Related Private Equity Funds Formed a Partnership-in-Fact Engaged in a Trade or Business
Senator Jeff Merkley Champions a Cheaper 401(k) Alternative
GAO on Retirement Security: Shorter Life Expectancy Reduces Projected Lifetime Benefits for Lower Earners
How the Teamsters Pension Disappeared More Quickly Under Wall Street Than the Mob
Cypen & Cypen Newsletter, March 31, 2016
100 CEOs Have More Saved Up for Retirement Than 41 Percent of U.S. Families Combined
New Florida Law Allows Local Sales Tax to Fund Pensions
Will More Transparency Help with Public Pension Plan Financing?
Helping Women Achieve Retirement Security
State Savings Initiatives: Lessons from California and Connecticut (PDF)
[Opinion] Another Reason to Worry About the DOL's 'Reform' of Retirement Investment Advice: It Conflicts with Securities Laws
Board Recommends 'Secure Choice' Legislation to Implement State-Run Retirement Program in California
Measuring Compensation Expenses (PDF)
Occupations and Work Characteristics: Effects on Retirement Expectations and Timing
[Opinion] American Retirement Association Statement for House Ways and Means Tax Policy Subcommittee Hearing on Proposals Relating to Fundamental Reform of the Income Tax System (PDF)
[Opinion] ICI Letter to California Officials Urging Delay on 'Secure Choice' Retirement Plan (PDF)
Chicago's Plan to Overhaul City Pensions Ruled Illegal
Text of Illinois Supreme Court Opinion: Chicago Pension Reform Act Is Unconstitutional (PDF)
The 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey: Worker Confidence Stable, Retiree Confidence Continues to Increase (PDF)
Study Finds Little Difference in Pension Guarantee Between PBGC and Annuities
Puerto Rico: Pensioners Versus Bondholders
Structuring State Retirement Saving Plans: A Guide to Policy Design and Management Issues
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2016-26: Public Comment Invited on Recommendations for 2016-2017 Priority Guidance Plan (PDF)
Is a Mandatory Retirement Plan in Your Future?
[Opinion] The Case for Hybrid Corporate Pensions
ERISA Advisory Council Receives Borzi Update, Sets 2016 Agenda
Public Pensions in Flux: Can the Federal Government's Experiences Inform State Responses?
[Opinion] Recent Multiple Employer Plan Rule Changes Could Benefit Small Businesses
FINRA CEO Says Fiduciary Standard Makes Sense

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