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[Opinion] Congress Should Stay Out of States' Retiree Plans
Credit Easing, Regulation Put Plans on Critical List
[Guidance Overview] Fiduciary Rule Update: Is the 'Applicability Date' Applicable? (PDF)
DOL Fiduciary Rule -- What's Next?
New Labor Secretary Nominee Brings Legal Mind to Fiduciary Debate
State Retirement Saving Plans Could Be Over Before They Start
Congress' Resolution on State-Run Retirement Savings Programs for Private Sector Employees Is Another Step Toward Open MEPs
[Opinion] ERIC's Statement on Passage of Joint Resolutions of Disapproval on State-Run Retirement Savings Programs for Private Sector Employees
[Opinion] Letter by Pension Rights Center: Congress Misunderstands DOL Regs in Passing Resolution Against Payroll-Deduction IRA Programs Established by States (PDF)
House Votes to Scrap DOL Regs on State-Run Retirement Savings Programs for Private Sector Employees
Small Companies Have a Big Retirement Problem
[Opinion] American Benefits Council Letter to House Leaders about State-Sponsored Retirement Plans for Private-Sector Employees
[Opinion] Moving Maryland Workers Into a 401(k) Plan Would Harm Retirement Security
Congress Poised to Halt State-Mandated Small Business Retirement Plans
Part-Time Work Trends Hurting Retirement Plans
[Opinion] DOL Pending Fiduciary Rule Remains Flawed, Negatively Impacting the Marketplace
House Lawmakers Oppose State-Run Retirement Plan Rule
[Opinion] Fiduciary Rule Now in Doubt, But Investors Will Never Be So Dumb Again
Trump's 2-for-1 Regulatory Reduction Challenged in Court
Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans to Meet on March 22
Text of District Court Opinion Denying Summary Judgment for Plaintiffs Challenging DOL Fiduciary Rule (PDF)
Interesting Angles on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule, Part 35
Is This the End of the Fiduciary Rule -- and Will It Matter?
Resolutions Introduced to Halt DOL Regs Allowing Government-Sponsored Retirement Plans for Private-Sector Employees
Fiduciary Standards, Yes. DOL Rule, Maybe
[Opinion] ERIC Letter to Congress Supporting Resolution of Disapproval for DOL Regs on State-Sponsored Retirement Plans for Private-Sector Employees
No 401(k)? No Problem. States Have You Covered.
[Guidance Overview] DOL Regs Permit Safe Harbor State-Run IRAs for Private-Sector Employees (PDF)
[Opinion] Letter to Congressman Renacci Supporting Proposed Legislation to Move PBGC Premiums Off-Budget
[Opinion] Letter to Congressman Renacci Supporting Proposed Legislation to Move PBGC Premiums Off-Budget
DOL Rule Delay Could Come Tuesday
Securing America's Retirement: A Legislative Roadmap
Judge to Decide Next Week on Challenge to DOL Fiduciary Rule
[Opinion] Senate Takes Up Fight to Move PBGC Premiums Off-Budget
[Opinion] It's Time for 401(k) Plans to Become Part of the Sharing Economy
Retirement Transitions in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia
Church Plan Cases: Federal Agencies Finally Speak
[Opinion] California Crumbling?
[Opinion] Church Plan Crisis Looming
Retirement Preparations in a New Age of Self-Employment (PDF)
[Opinion] Aspen Institute Comment Letter to Treasury on Transferring myRA Account Balances to Private Sector Roth IRAs (PDF)
[Opinion] The City That Never Sleeps Should Take a Nap
[Opinion] Iron Workers Local 17 Becomes First Plan to Cut Retiree Pensions
Possible Supreme Court Pick Hardiman Offers Pro-Worker ERISA Streak
California Court Affirms that PEPRA Does Not Limit County's Right to Repeal COLA Pickup
[Opinion] Tax Reform Blueprint Spells Potential Disaster for Small Biz Retirements
[Opinion] How to Save America's Broken Retirement System, According to the Man Who Revolutionized Investing for Main Street
Supreme Court to Rule on Church Plan Status, Possibly Affecting Welfare Benefits and DC Plans
[Opinion] State Auto-IRAs Are Not the Answer to the Retirement Savings Gap! (PDF)
Plaintiffs Argue IMO Exemption Is Proof of DOL Fiduciary Fail
Gorsuch May Bring Employer-Friendly Approach to ERISA Cases
If Confirmed as Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin to Work on Retirement Reforms, Revisit Dodd-Frank Regs
2016 Pension Plan Report Card: Mostly Above Average
Text of ERISA Advisory Council Report: Participant Plan Transfers and Account Consolidation for the Advancement of Lifetime Plan Participation (PDF)
State Retirement Savings Initiatives Do More Than Enhance Retirement Security for Private Sector Workers (PDF)
DOL Fiduciary Rule May Be Undone, in a Cruel Twist, by the DOL Itself
Brief of Hospitals to Supreme Court in Consolidated Church Plan Cases (PDF)
Use of Data and Cost-Benefit Analysis in DOL Decisions Is Top Accomplishment, Borzi Says
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Validity of Forum Selection Clauses in ERISA Plans
[Opinion] Environmentalism Provides Moral Cover for New Taxes to Fund Pensions

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