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Social Security - benefits, incl. coverage

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2014 Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (PDF)
Work Incentives in the Social Security Disability Benefit Formula
Helping America Plan for Retirement: Brookings and Government Reps Discuss Strategy
Cypen & Cypen Newsletter for November 12, 2015
Liquidity, Mortality, and Early Social Security Claiming
Bill Would Give One-Time Extra Social Security Payment to All Recipients
New File-And-Suspend and Restricted Application Deadlines for Social Security Claimants
Social Security Replacement Plans for Government and Public Agency Employees
Popular Social Security Strategy on the Chopping Block
[Guidance Overview] Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Provisions in the Proposed Bipartisan Budget Agreement of 2015 (PDF)
[Opinion] New Budget Deal Is Cutting Your Social Security Benefits and It's a Good Thing
What the Budget Bill Means for Your Social Security and Medicare Benefits
SSI Annual Statistical Report, 2014
Congress Ends File-and-Suspend and Restricted Application Social Security Strategies
Text of GAO Report on Social Security's Future: Answers to Key Questions (PDF)
[Opinion] 'Yes' to Increasing the Social Security Retirement Age
[Opinion] Raising Everyone's Retirement Age Undercuts a Key Goal of Social Security
The Social Security Survivor Benefit Do-Over
[Opinion] AARP Letter to Congress Urging Medicare and Social Security COLA Fix
Bad News for Retirees: No Social Security Cost-of-Living Increase, Higher Medical Costs for Many
[Official Guidance] Text of SSA Announcement: No Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment for 2016
Social Security Coverage for State and Local Government Workers: A Reconsideration
Investing and Insuring Are Not the Same Thing
A Multidisciplinary Review of Research on the Distributional Effects of Raising Social Security's Early Entitlement Age
Evaluating the Impact of Social Security Benefits on Health Outcomes Among the Elderly
Can You Wait to Receive Social Security Benefits?
Labor Market Shocks and Early Social Security Benefit Claiming
Another Look at Deferral of Commencement of Social Security Benefits
Funding Bills Include Cuts in Social Security Services
Social Security and Medicare Lifetime Benefits and Taxes
A Fiduciary Solution to the Social Security Problem
[Opinion] Disability Insurance Benefit Offset Could Harm Beneficiaries and Discourage Work (PDF)
Calculating Neutral Increases in Retirement Age by Socioeconomic Status
Social Security and Medicare Claiming Strategies to Navigate the Looming 52% Medicare Part B Premium Spike
No Social Security COLA Causes Medicare Flap
How Should a Fiduciary Treat Social Security in Retirement Planning? A Generational Overview
Social Security Disability Program: Shortfall Solutions and Consequences (PDF)
Reconsidering Social Security Coverage for State and Local Government Workers
[Opinion] Despite Slight Improvement, We Need to Fix Social Security Now
An Actuarial Perspective on the 2015 Social Security Trustees Report (PDF)
An Alternative Approach to Annuitizing Retirement Savings
Text of the 2015 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds (PDF)
Status of the Social Security and Medicare Programs: A Summary of the 2015 Annual Reports
Innovative Strategies to Help Maximize Social Security Benefits (PDF)
Can You Afford to Live to 100?
Joint Social Security Breakeven Periods, and Why It Rarely Pays for Both Spouses to Delay Benefits
When to Begin Social Security: The Conundrum
The Implications of Differential Trends in Mortality for Social Security Policy (PDF)
A Rude Survivor Annuity Shock for Some Widows and Widowers
[Guidance Overview] SSA Issues Final Rule Clarifying Government Pension Offset Exemption for Spouse's Benefits
Financial Planning for LGBT Couples After U.S. v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges (PDF)
Survey Shows Knowledge Deficiency about Social Security Retirement Benefits
The Social Security Retirement Age: In Brief (PDF)
When It Comes to Claiming Social Security Benefits, Timing Is Everything
Estimate of the Financial Effects on Social Security of H.R. 1811, the 'Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act' (PDF)
When Should You Take Social Security?
Understanding Participation in SSI (PDF)
Liquidity in Retirement Savings Systems: An International Comparison
Fewer Retirees Claiming Social Security Benefits at Age 62
A Brief Comparison of Basic Financial Projections Affecting Social Security Trust Funds Since 2000 (PDF)

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