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Date Title Sponsor
2/26/2015 Avoiding Medicare Mistakes: What Group Health Plan Sponsors and Advisors Need to Know  Thomson Reuters / EBIA
2/25/2015 Online Webinar: Fiduciary Education with the Department of Labor (DOL)  Western Pension & Benefits Council
2/25/2015 Participant Loans  McKay Hochman Co., Inc.
2/24/2015 Effective Use of the Coverage Testing Rules ó Who's In and Who's Out?  ASPPA [American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries]
2/24/2015 Is Your Wellness Plan a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?  Lorman Education Services
2/23/2015 Annual Qualified Health Plan Certification Conference  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [CMS]
2/19/2015 Health Reform: Beyond the Basics - Special Enrollment Periods  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
2/18/2015 Anthemís Cancer Care Quality Program: A Blueprint to Improve Care and Reduce Costs
Atlantic Information Services, Inc.
2/12/2015 Extreme Cross-Testing of Defined Contribution Plans  ASPPA [American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries]
2/12/2015 Leaves of Absence and Employee Benefits Compliance: Legal Rules and Compliance Traps  Thomson Reuters / EBIA
2/12/2015 PBM Contracts: Innovative Strategies to Improve Your Planís Bottom Line
Atlantic Information Services, Inc.
2/12/2015 Top 5 Employee Benefit Trends for 2015  Lorman Education Services
2/11/2015 2015 First Quarter Update  McKay Hochman Co., Inc.
2/11/2015 Legislative and Regulatory Teleconference: Whatís in store for FSAs, HSAs, HRAs and Flex under the Leading Health Care Proposals  Employers Council on Flexible Compensation
2/11/2015 Recordkeeping for HR: What to Keep, What to Throw Away, and How to Transition from Paper to Electronic Files  Clear Law Institute
2/11/2015 The Vivity Case Study: How Anthem Converted Adversaries Into Partners
Atlantic Information Services, Inc.
2/6/2015 Mental Illness and the ADA  Clear Law Institute
2/5/2015 ERISA Audits: What We All Knew but Forgot  Clear Law Institute
2/5/2015 King v. Burwell: Debating the Future of the ACA  National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation
2/4/2015 Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  Ernst & Young, LLP
2/4/2015 M&A Basics: Pension, Savings, and Welfare Plan Issues  Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
2/4/2015 Nondiscrimination Testing in DC Plans Ė Beyond the Basics  Western Pension & Benefits Council
2/3/2015 Multi-Employer Plan Legislation: Operation, Practicalities, Implications  ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits
1/29/2015 Identifying Common-Law Employees: Implications for Employer Group Health Plans  Thomson Reuters / EBIA
1/29/2015 Legislative Update: Health & Welfare Benefit Plans  TRI-AD

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