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Q&A: Section 125 Plans

Answers are provided by Robyn Morris of R. C. Morris, Incorporated

Use of Section 125 Plan by the Company's Owner

(Posted March 31, 1997)

Question 6: When can a company owner (whose spouse is also an employee) make use of pre-tax dollars in a Section 125 Plan? The owner holds 100% of the company ownership. Assume that discrimination is not an issue.

Answer: Code 125(d)(1)(a) states that all participants in a cafeteria plan must be employees. The proposed regulations at 1.125-1 Q&A-4 define what is meant by "employee."

The term "employees" includes present and former employees of the employer. All employees who are treated as employed by a single employer under subsections (b), (c), or (m) of section 414 are treated as employed by a single employer for purposes of section 125. The term "employees" does not, however, include self-employed individuals described in section 401(c) of the Code.

Further, it appears that persons who own more than 2 percent of the shares of an S corporation are not considered "employees." (An S corporation is a corporation that has elected to be treated as an "S" corporation for income tax purposes, pursuant to subchapter S of the normal income tax provisions in the Code.) See Code section 1372, which states that for purposes of the "fringe benefits" portions of the Code an S corporation is treated as a partnership and a more than 2 percent shareholder of the S corporaiton is treated as a partner of such partnership.

Remember to apply the "attribution" rules of Code section 318. The spouse of a 100% owner of an S corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Corp.) or a sole proprietorship would be considered to be the 100% owner as well. In this question, therefore, neither the company owner nor the owner's spouse could participate in the cafeteria plan.

If the corporation is a C corporation for federal income tax purposes, nothing prevents the 100% owner of the corporation's shares from participating. He or she could be an employee and therefore eligible for participation. The spouse of the 100% owner also would be eligible for participation even though attribution would apply to a C corporation owner's spouse.

Here's the interesting tidbit. A sole proprietor who employs his or her spouse (as a bona fide employee!) may not participate in a Section 125 plan, but the spouse may participate! This is because there are no shares to attribute in a sole proprietorship.

Incidentally, this method also applies to family health insurance coverage. The non-owning spouse could elect family coverage (covering, as a dependent, the spouse with 100% ownership of the company.) The health insurance premium would be completely deductible.

Important notice: Answers are provided as general guidance on the subjects covered in the question and are not provided as legal advice to the questioner's situation. Any legal issues should be reviewed by your legal counsel to apply the law to the particular facts of your situation. The laws, regulations and court decisions in this area change frequently. Answers are believed to be correct as of the posting dates shown. The completeness or accuracy of a particular answer may be affected by changes in the laws, regulations or court decisions that occur after the date on which that Q&A is posted.
Copyright 1997-1999 R. C. Morris, Incorporated
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