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  1. Been there. At some point you do the best you can and adjust - I'd hope the trust report and individual account records are right, and the 5500 was wrong, and adjust that in the current year.
  2. Never heard of it before this and quick research indicates it is some kind of basis adjustment. I'd say that it should not be part of earned income; unfortunately, I can't say whether it is something that should be adjusted for (if already in the number you have) or ignored (if not in the number you have).
  3. Definitely yes.
  4. I think it's one of those questions that needs to be asked inversely: "Is there any IRS publication or reference that I can use to confirm that the cash value should NOT [my emphasis] be included in the RMD calculation?" The answer is "no." Can't think of any reason at all to exclude that.
  5. Yeah, I believe the plan - and the SH notice - would have to specify that HCEs don't get it. Even if it is a "maybe" notice I think it has to specify that.
  6. The same way it does for calendar years. In my world, comp is $31,000 so the 415 limit is $31,000.
  7. BG5150 gave me this tip and I think it is what you want...the oldest of the new posts since I last visited are at the bottom and newest are at the top.
  8. Notification in this case would be a courtesy, not a requirement. No timeframe for notice. My radar is up about making sure that the calculation of the match is done in accordance with the plan document - i.e., is it really done on a payroll basis according to the plan, or is it being done that way in practice? Could make a difference if the plan says match is based on annual pay and annual deferrals.
  9. Easy for us to say, and I agree, but in the real world there are no consequences for such errors, unless it comes down to a monetary issue. The plan sponsor sees it as us arguing with the p/r company over how many angels fit on the head of a pin.
  10. Because SIMPLE IRA assets are held in...IRAs, the concept of a merger is inapplicable. You could start a 401(k) and allow participants to roll over their SIMPLE balances, but it's their choice. If you do start a 401(k), it invalidates the SIMPLE, so the usual recommendation is not to start a 401(k) in the same year, but if you don't mind a lot of messiness, it can be done. That is, the 401(k) doesn't have a problem, but the SIMPLE does.
  11. Yes he can get $10,000 PS
  12. That will make great cocktail party conversation I am sure
  13. OK but to be clear, it sounds like the old software provider was incorrect and the new one is correct.
  14. I agree it is incorrect. Makes we wonder if you are talking about a retirement plan software system, in which case I can't imagine that kind of error, or an accounting software system, in which case I can imagine it.
  15. I've heard something like that before. What does he expect you to do about it...?