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  1. Just to clarify everyone employed prior to say 1/1/17 keeps old plan and does not get the new consumer directed plan. New hires only get the option the high deductible plan Lexy
  2. Currently we have a PPO H&W Plan with fairly generous H&W benefits. We are thinking about offering a new consumer directed high deductible health plan with an HSA but just for new hires. Does anyone see any issues with this? Thanks Lexy
  3. I have coverage up to and including 5/31; so 6/1 is date I n longer am covered I requested the COBRA notice shortly after I left to get figures so I would have enough time to decide which route to take, COBRA for a few months or individual marketplace I did get a revised notice saying I have until 7/30 to get election form in to them I assume as long as I have the notice postmarked by 7/30 that will satisfy? i am getting a delivery receipt fro that day
  4. thanks, I thought so But when does the 60 day clock , if you will, start from? the date of the notice or the date the medical coverage ends if later? so in my example 7/12 or 7/30?
  5. when does the COBRA election period begin? e.g. date of termination of employment i 5/6/16; medical coverage ends 6/1/16 The Notice was given 5/12/16; notice indicates Election formmust be received no later than 7/11/16 I would have thought the ex-employee had 50 days from 6/1 or 7/30 to elect COBRA continuation? does it matter if it'd a non-ERISA governmental plan? thanks Lexy
  6. Our match is very small capped at $800/year:) thanks
  7. We have a 457(b) plan where we match 10% of an employee's elective deferral. I know that the 457(b) employee contribution is state taxable in PA but what about the 457(b) employer match? The match is 100% vested immediately; we match each pay period Thanks Lexy
  8. I'm talking about are pension payments considered state taxable income e.g. PA doe snot state tax monthly pension payments
  9. Does anyone have a recent list of which states do & do not tax monthly pension annuities? we are a quasi state governmental entity thanks Alexa
  10. I thought governmental plans are not subject to QJSA rules? I know we do not require spousal consent if a retiree who is married elects a SLA
  11. what do you mean by proper amended definition of actuarial equiv.? we are using 8% '83GAM for actuarial equivalence to convert SLA to J&S with pop-up options
  12. We have a retiree above 415 limit by $200 on a Single Life Annuity(SLA) basis He wants 50% J&S option and that is under the 415 limit but do we need to apply the J&S factor to capped SLA The 50% J&S benefit comes with a pop-up feature but this is the actuarail equivalent of SLA so I assume no further adjustment to 415 limit Our plan right now doesn't increase the benefit to retirees when the 415 limit increases. Can we amend our plan now does anyone have info on 415(m) excess plans? are they subject to FICA?
  13. No spouse at time of death per son Participant died at age 78 ; I am bringing file back from archive (hopefully we have- another instance of someone gone for 20+ years yielded a destroy archive file since > 20 years:) Current policy is to keep pension records for 50 years:)
  14. I don't want any DOL/IRS penalties;) I just found out that the payee was deceased in June 1984 just before the 7/1/84 check was issued I am getting confirmation from the son of the deceased who found the check (after 30 years in his father's stuff:))
  15. I don't have this person in our data as a current retiree I only have a first initial of first name and no social security # so unable to determine whether a plan participant or not We have 5 pension plans so not sure which one we would cut a check from