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  1. Thank you to everyone for the useful and informative information you have provided on these boards. I have learned much more than I expected to when I signed up. And thanks to Dave and Lois. Today is my last day as an employee (and plan administrator). I'll be looking in from time to time, because there are some interesting subjects to be discussed and questioned in the coming years, and because so many of the posters on this board provide informed, accurate answers. Thanks again. GMK ... out.
  2. As expected, I think. As I finish out my last day as an employee and plan administrator, I think it would be cool if elected officials had fiduciary responsibilities ... like that would ever happen. (Probably should have put that comment in humor.)
  3. Maybe also check the SPD. (I don't know if this information is usually in a DB SPD.)
  4. If the 25% is paid with after tax money, you do not add it back into the W-2 taxable amount, because it wasn't subtracted from total comp in the first place. Take total comp and subtract 401(k). Does this leave the W-2 taxable amount?
  5. Without a cafeteria plan, the employee pays the premium (25% of the total premium) with after tax money, right? That means that the payment is part of the taxable total comp on the W2, no? In other words, if you had a 125 plan, you would subtract the 25% amount from taxable comp, but there's no 125, so you haven't subtracted it ... or have you? Maybe I don't understand the situation ...
  6. Sometimes there are options to get at the funds if you have achieved a superior age (which means if you're old, like me). Following 401king's advice, that would be something to ask about when you contact your HR people.
  7. ... delete the notifications that are listed in the pop-up window when I click on the Bell symbol at the top of the page.
  8. If we're voting, I would prefer an inline notice and not an e-mail.
  9. I was thinking one could mine for the number of plans over $50M and subtract that from the total number of plans, which is/was 638k according to this: Not perfectly accurate, but we're estimating.
  10. Other threads on BenefitsLink have me befuddled about the meaning of the word "accrue" For my personal edification, would you please 'splain what "accrued" means in your sentence? Thanks.
  11. While the plan language that t & c quotes seems clear and makes sense to me, I have come to realize (after the discussion in another thread a couple days ago) that I never understood the true meaning of the word "accrue" and the proper ways in which can be used. To avoid mistakes, I have banned "accrue" from my vocabulary indefinitely.
  12. Interesting question. In my brief search, Mr. Google finds lots of information about total assets in 401(k)'s and lots of per participant information, but not by plan. Could this be something the 5500 people know or can pull out of their data base easily? And if anyone is starting a count, we're one.
  13. Find a lawyer who has experience with QDRO's. Since you are inexperienced in QDRO's, that's probably your only defense against something sneaky. Keep in mind that if you and your ex agree to the wording of the DRO, the judge will most likely sign it, regardless of what was agreed to in the divorce decree. You, however, can get your lawyer to object to terms that go beyond what was agreed to in the divorce decree. QDRO's can become messy business, and you have every right to defend against your ex's lawyer's efforts to overstate what your ex should get.