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FSA reimbursement for travel-related expenses

Guest scm

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We have several employees who have submitted reimbursement requests for significant $ for travel-related medical expenses (i.e. traveling to dr's appointment by car). Obviously the only expenses are wear and tear on car and gas!

Is there any special requirement regarding this type of reimbursement? What type of proof, if any, is required (i.e. proof of appointments, etc.)?

OR should we as the ER not be concerned with proof and place the burden of proof on the EEs in the event that the IRS comes knockin'?

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

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Thank you for the information. This clarified what can be deducted. Any idea on what, if any, proof the employee must provide to the ER?

Thank you.


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Guest Patty Burrow

SCM, we generally just wanted some proof that they actually had the doctor's appointment (co-pay receipt, bill or EOB). I think if you do this and the claim form has the ee sign off on the validity of their claims, you are showing due diligence and you are safe.

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