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410(b) testing for separate plans within a controlled group.

R. Butler

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Company A & Company B form a controlled group. Each company has its own plan. I have each plan set up separately on Quantech. Is there anyway I can get Quantech to do the 410(B) testing without me manually going an adding Company A's employees to Company B and vice-versa?

Thanks for any guidance.

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It depends on whether you are permissively aggregating them or not.

If YES, then I guess you could simply print both reports and add the numbers together.

If not, then you could enter the number of nonbenefitting nonexcludables in the box and print the results. this will work for the ps piece only.

I suppose you could also add the numbers as well, but only to the denominator.

If you want an actual report, save to a file and modify in Word.

I am assuming you have them as separate plans and separate employers. It would have been better to have one employer and two plans.

watch out if eligibility is different! you will have to adjust the numbers!

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