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Can an employer force employees into health insurance they have declin

Guest jenny

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Our company has changed health care providers from a regular BCBS to a government BCBS plan. Some of the employees have declined coverage and are being told they have to take the coverage if they are either not insured or have not provided a letter from their current insurance company. I declined and provided a copy of my insurance card and am told this is not sufficient. What is the length of time you should be allowed to review a policy to determine if you want to accept it and can a company deduct payments from your check if you have declined the insurance? Is it legal for the company to require proof in order to decline their coverage?


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Guest Illinois

As I understand it, in Illinois, deductions from a persons paycheck must either be required by law (example: social security or federal taxes) or be authorized by the employee. An employee cannot be required to contribute to a health plan.

I do not know about the statutes in your state.

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