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People in the wrong careers!

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A friend once wished very much to become an executive assistant, responsible for - among other things - travel arrangements, proofreading, written communications etc.

During our brief carpools, all the following happened:

Me: Wish I had some time off coming up.

Friend: "Do we get Veternarians Day off?"

- I called her on that one - she refused to see it my way at first. I think I finally made my point when I said:

"Veternarian's Day, ah yes, the day Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy and vaccinated the Axis forces for distemper."

Think they were mad? What about when we went island hopping in the Pacific, during the later stages of the war, and those "veternarians" of ours stormed beaches and neutered any opposition?

Also, we once engaged in conversation regarding spine injury and the terrible possible consequences. I thought we were going to examine in depth if we were strong enough to handle such a thing.

Me: I think it would be very hard for me to now lose use of my limbs. If, on the other hand, I was born in such a way, I would never know the difference. Not that that would be any easier - but I think it would be worse to be taken away from me now.

Friend: "I don't think I could ever handle being a parapalegal"

I didn't immediately call her attention to this one. Feeling bad for her - considering "Veternarians Day" I instead replied:

Me: Being a parapalegic (lightly stressed the word) would be a tough hand to be dealt.

Friend: "I know it would be hard to be a parapalegal" (greatly stressing it herself as if to correct me)


During a debate about where three of us would grab a pizza on a long planned night out:

Me: I like most any pizza - Little Ceasar's is fine with me.

Friend: "I hate little seizures!"

Yes, we all hate seizures, little or otherwise!

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