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More people who should not have better cars than me!

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Guest Monster

A friend had once obtained a slightly used very high performance car! It had all the goodies and we spent an afternoon looking for things we would change about it - if it were up to us. Finding none, I finally went out of my way to find one and remarked:

"Aha! Here it is! When I lean my seat back, the wind coming in the open window around the windshield pillar buffets my ear and is very unpleasant."

(this of course was a joke - nobody would ride in the car this way)

To this, my friend adjusted the air flow control from fresh to recirculated and said: "How's that?"

I was terrified - having recently experienced my other friend with "no rear brakes" in his car.

"How's what?" I said. Wincing at the very thought.

He pointed to the control and said: "That changes the way the air comes into the car."

He meant it. Obviously someone had told him this and he learned it. Just never realized they were talking about the way the air comes into the car - through the vents!

Sad that he would think it would somehow change air through an open window! Perhaps he thought spoilers popped up from the windshield pillars and deflected the wind? He should've had to surrender the car to me on the spot!

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