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Distinctly American - she wouldn't smuggle contraband!

Guest Monster

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Guest Monster

My sister has always had some of the better responses to those things that happen to each of us in our lives.

Coming back from vacation out of the country, her fiancee, upon reaching customs, answered questions about the amount of money he spent (it was very much $$) and claimed he had nothing to declare (he ate very well though). They immediately pulled him aside and searched his luggage. My sister, who was immediately behind him and obviously with him, answered:

Customs: How much money did you spend?

Sis: $XXXX ( don't recall the amount - not required for story)

Customs: What did you get?


Customs: Go ahead, have a nice day!

(I think they recognized the attitude as distinctly American and figured her harmless/unable to smuggle fruit into the country)

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