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Poor old dad and his bad timing

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As youngsters, my sister and I had a pair of stuffed animals. They were a set - by that I mean, they hugged each other with slightly exaggerated arms with velcro on the hands. They did this with a number of animal pairs (we had the monkeys as well) - but our prized pair were skunks!

We bought these skunks in Florida during the family trip in the 1970's. We traveled by car - FIVE of us in a 2 door Dodge Colt with no A/C (but this is a whole other story) - and we had pooled our money to buy these.

The ride home was miserable - for everyone in the car but the two of us. The skunks were very active. We did their voices and generally tortured our parents and older brother - six years our senior. The skunks would go everywhere with us - even when we got home and for several months after.

Finally, poor old dad - who I'm sure had been more than patient with the whole thing - broke. On our way to dinner in the car, the two of us - and our skunks - were in the back window waving the skunks at other motorists. Dad chose his moment. He had had enough and this was going to be it. In a loud, booming voice that you knew meant business he said: "NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT! PUT THOSE THINGS AWAY!" We did just that. Slumping into the seats and casting only darting glances at each other.

Only moments later, the awkwardness of the moment was broken. The car that had been directly behind us moved into the passing lane, moved up fast and pulled just ahead of us. Much to our delight - and our father's dismay - the back window of their car was alive with stuffed animals waving furiously back at our car in return. The moment was forever broken. We busted out with delightful laughter and our skunks again came alive - though now up into the drivers compartment so we could return the waving of the stuffed animals. It would've been rude not to return the favor - and of course we saw this as affirmation of our own behavior dad had tried to correct. Dad said nothing.

I can still imagine the color draining from dad's face as he was bested by the stuffed animals. Stuffed animals rule!

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