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Looking for HIPAA humor

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Has anyone heard any good HIPAA stories or seen any good political HIPAA cartoons...especially Administration Simplification? I've been asked to dress up a HIPAA presentation with some humor. Frankly, I don't see anything humorous about this, but then again, maybe I'm just too cynical.

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jeanine -

I think you're right, there's not much about HIPAA that's humorous. I would challenge this crowd to a HIPAA Haiku contest, which lets us all vent and left brain activate and gives you some stand up material!

Here goes:

Soon it will be here

HIPAA: what must be done now?

We sweat much at night

Privacy oh no

When we make bad disclosure

Will we go to jail?

C'mon, y'all...help jeanine out here!

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Guest BenefitsLawyer

Love the haiku suggestion. How about:


simplification is not.

False advertising.

(Punctuation is everything!)

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