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Enron / KMart communications - anyone seen a payroll stuffer that....

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We're looking to inform plan participants of the benefits of using Mutual Funds (diversified) vs. individual stocks to help avoid the Enron situation - at least as much as can be controlled.

Has anyone seen a communication piece that can be purchased from a publisher - newkirk / communi-k - that targets the benefits of Mutual Funds?

PS - I've check both of the mentioned publishers with no positive results.



Erik Read, APR CKC

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Newkirk does have two payroll stuffers that are ideal for your needs! We apologize they are not posted on our web-site. They are paycheck inserts: Understanding Mutual Funds (cs12) and Investment Options-Making the right choices. Please call 518-862-3204 and referance our Financial Literacy Center material on page 40 and 41 of our catalogue.:)

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