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Test Drives (car salespersons need not read)

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For what it's worth, I now drive a 4X4, so perhaps these test drives contributed to that, which means at least one car salesperson scored a sale - albeit at the expense of some others.

1. I was only recently reminded that I once "test drove" a Toyota 4X4 used vehicle for the express purpose of transporting my bicycle (badly broken) to the repair shop. I was without any bike rack or suitable vehicle. I had strategically brought a friend and chose a used truck with only the standard cab and bucket seats - meaning there was only room for two. As it was used - and minus the backseat - the salesperson let us take it out on our own. We transported the bike - driving right by the same dealer. Then, as we had made such good time, we proceeded to move something of my friends from one house to another. This didn't require a truck - but a truck made it much easier.

2. I was in the market for an SUV for some years - looking first at used vehicles. Wishing to test drive a used Chevy S10 Blazer, I took one out one winter evening and drove direct to the only new construction area I was aware of. I planned to use the 4 wheel drive in a tour of dirt roads. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn and drove not onto a dirt road covered by snow, but an actual snow covered field with no road! I was terribly afraid of becoming stuck and having to explain myself to the car dealer. I put the pedal down (probably harder than I had to) to keep the wheels turning. It was a wide turn (to miss some trees) and I was in the field longer than I would've liked. We made it out of the field and headed back. It was only upon parking at the dealer lot and exiting the vehicle that I realized the SUV was coated in mud - not road slush/grime - but MUD. The salesperson met me at the vehicle and with eyes wide and mouth agape, he listened to my story about the semi truck, that had no business on the two lane road I crossed paths with him, which had kicked up soo much grime onto the vehicle.

I know these vehicles have fans and detractors. Mine does to off-road and tows a trailer, leaving me a choice between a truck and an SUV. The SUV does better on mileage than the truck.

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