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Favorites from the car repair business:

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I have family and friends in the car repair business - as well as the insurance aspect of the business - so I get my fair share of war stories. A couple favorites, in no particular order:

A gentleman with a very high-end car brought it in to be repaired, including some painting and therefore several hours in the extreme heat of the paint booth to cure the paint. The customer had forgotten his full trunk of that week's groceries he had just purchased and into the paint booth it went. Hours and several hundred degrees later, everybody in the shop knew what the customer had forgotten. Amazingly, the customer never did recall, until it came time to pick up his car, and by then there was no mistaking what had happened - not for blocks around.

There was another customer from out of state, who took his car on a "test drive" to be sure repairs were done to his satisfaction, and never did return to pay the bill. The shop staff attempted to track this guy down via family and friends, harassing (as much as is allowed) persons who would get word back to the customer just how angry they were and that they were "going to come after him." Well into this dispute, with threats and screaming phone calls between them, the local law enforcement showed up as they understood the shop to have a car belonging to this person. "We did, but he skipped out without paying" they told the police. "Well, if he ever comes back, don't confront him or make him angry, we're looking for him on homicide charges" they replied. To the best of my knowledge, they didn't collect on the debt - or ever call him again. I do believe the police in the other city eventually caught their man.

Just when you thought your customer service experience was a challenge?

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