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The doctor is....a fool.

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The icon in this post is wearing shades, to protect the stupid!

I acquired a variety of nicknames from friends over the years. None did I ever want to lose more than "Doc" however.

No, it wasn't that I was in medical school, nor did I resemble anyone from the movies/other with that name. Instead, the horrible truth goes like this:

One of the very first people I knew to have a child was a friend of my sister's, one year younger than me and just married and out of high school. In sharing the news of her having discovered that the expected baby was a boy, I unfortunately announced in a group that "she had a mammogram and it's a boy!"

Only days later, this was followed by:

Somewhere right after high-school I developed an annoying inner ear sensation - much like water in your ear after swimming - that would come and go. Might've been my music preference, but my doctor has always attributed it to a dry inner ear. Regardless, again in a group setting, I was suffering from the annoyance of this sensation when I announced:

"I think I have water in my filopian (sp?) tube." Being of the male persuasion (which is also why I'm not sure I spelled "filopian" correctly), this of course is even funnier. I am quite sure I meant eustachian tube, the tube of the inner ear. And while I would like to claim they heard me incorrectly, everyone knows the horrible, horrible truth!

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