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Safest road in America

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Guest Monster

First, know that I and my family support this Nation's police officers and appreciate the job they do in both serving and protecting us all! This story is in no way meant to be negative regarding the police. Just struck us all as funny.

My sister, upon attempting to move her rear wheel drive 318 V-8 car from a stop across a snow covered road inadvertently spun her drive wheel. It was early morning and the only other car on the road, moving in the opposite direction as her, was a police officer.

Her first thought was that she was going to be pulled over. When they did not turn around to pull her over she was pleasantly surprised - and felt slightly guilty for jumping to such a conclusion.

Upon traveling the 3-5 miles towards home however, she quickly had the feeling that her initial thought was correct. Waiting for her at the city line was another officer who, while they had the right of way at the stop sign, would not budge. When she finally did the officer fell in directly behind her. Approximately 1 mile went by before the officer hit his lights to pull her over. Less than thrilled, and noting the irony that she was less than two blocks from home (something the officer undoubtedly knew) her mood began to deteriorate.

Upon approaching the car, the officer gave her some lame story about why he pulled her over. She challenged him on this and said "you pulled me over because the other officer called ahead and told you I was spinning my tires when I was only trying to get moving on an icy road." The officer did not deny this.

After the expected questions:

Where are you coming from?

Where are you going to?

and of course, the ever popular radio license check, the officer returned. With nothing to make an issue of, the officer simply handed back her license and said:

"Be careful, this road is dangerous"

To that she replied:

"Dangerous? I've seen only two cars my entire trip and they were both cops. This is the SAFEST road in America!"

The officer may not have been ammused, but I was.

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