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They do not have an online membership directory, but you can contact them from the above website.

As Stephen says, there is a printed copy of the membership directory that all members of ISCEBS receives. (ISCEBS is the International Society of CEBS. If they received the CEBS designation, but does not keep up their membership, I assume they would not be listed in the membership directory. Therefore, someone may have passed all of the exams, but is not a current "CEBS."

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Guest kowen

There is a difference between a CEBS and a member of ISCEBS. A CEBS has passed all 10 exams and met the precertification standards. A person with the CEBS designation, or the new RPA or GBA designations can join ISCEBS, but does not have to. ISCEBS also offers fellowship status CEBS holders who complete the CE exam every 2 years. Designees receive certificates for their designations and also receive a confirmation that they have passed each exam that should bear the seal of the testing center. CEBS students can also join the ISCEBS local chapters if they have passed at leat 1 exam.

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