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Answer Books by Panel Publishers

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I have received several inquiries regarding the Panel Answer Book series. Of the books that I write, edit, or contribute to--

(a) The Roth IRA Answer Book (3rd Ed) was recently released.

(B) Simple, SEP, and SARSEP Answer Book (8th Ed) was recently released.

The following books are in press and will be released by year end:

© 457 Answer Book (2003 Supp)

(d) Life Insurance Answer Book (2003 Supp)

(e) Quick Reference to IRAs (2002?)

(f) Individual Retirement Account Answer Book (9th Ed, Donald Levy)

(g) Gov't Plans Answer Book (2003 Supp, Carol Calhoun & Cynthia Moore)

(h) CRT/CLT Answer Book (1st Ed, George Jewell)

I am also seeking some contributing authors to take over certain chapters (or write new chapters for) "c" and "d" above. If interested, please e-mail me at QPSEP@aol.com and also leave your telephone number.

Please note that all books are distributed/sold by Panel Publishers. They can be ordered by calling (800) 638-8437.

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