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May those on the Columbia live on

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I have a strong enough believe in God that the sad and tragic events involving the shuttle are only a reminder how fragile life really is. But God has a pension plan with benefits that are out of this world.

During my ride home from work, Woodie Guthrie's song about the mighty Columbia river kept running through my mind, and how appropriate, may the Columbia forever roll on in our hearts and minds.

Songs make an easy way to remember things, and so the names of the astronauts can be written into that song:

The names of our heroes will always live on

We'll not forget them although they are gone

Husband, McCool, Anderson, Brown

Chawla and Clarke and Ramon

Roll on Columbia Roll on

Roll on Columbia Roll on

Lest we ever forget that dark tragic morn

so roll on Columbia roll on

The shuttle was flying America's best

The challenge of space -it puts us to the test

Somehow we know, their souls are at rest

Its roll on Columbia roll on

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