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Message board keeps asking me to log in

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If the message boards keeps asking you to log in when you try to post a message, even though you've just put in your username and password, the problem could be in your computer's "cookies" -- the little text files that usually work behind the scenes to log you into the message boards automatically whenever you visit the message boards.

Here's the likely fix for such trouble:

1. Go to the front page of the message boards, which is http://benefitslink.com/boards/index.php

2. At the bottom of the page (scroll a bit), click on "Delete cookies set by this board"

3. Now does your screen still say "Logged in as: <Your Username>" up top? If so, repeat step 2 until your screen says "Welcome, Guest!" up top.

4. At this point, quit your browser (including any open browser windows).

5. Fire up your browser again and go to the front page of the message boards.

6. Assuming the front page says "Welcome, Guest!" now click on Log In and enter your username and password in the appropriate boxes. Below them, you probably want to leave the "Remember Me?" radio button selected ("Yes"). Thereafter you won't have to enter your username and password; that particular computer will log you in automatically whenever you visit the message boards using that computer.

If you still have trouble with the software asking you to log in (after you've already logged in), please let me know (preferably as a reply message posted into this topic).


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