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Message boards showing the wrong time

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The message boards assume you live in London (long story omitted).

If you live further west (e.g., in the United States), the time shown to you by the message boards won't be correct unless you tell the message boards software which time zone to use when displaying the time.

Here's how to do it:

1. First make sure you're logged in. If the front page of the message boards at http://benefitslink.com/boards/ says "Welcome, Guest!" then you're not logged in yet.

2. Then use the following link to change your time zone setting:

click here

If you get a screen that says you're not logged in, hit your browser's refresh/reload key; that oughta change the screen and let you change your time zone setting. If you still get a screen that says you're not logged in, please let me know (davebaker@benefitslink.com).

Once you've selected your time zone, click on the "Change my account settings" button at the bottom of that page.

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