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5.0 bugs/fixes


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If you have loaded 5.0, please check Corbel's web site and download the service pack of fixes. Brand new as of the other day.

One current known problem (not fixed yet)

is a vesting problem. It doesn't effect a lot of plans, but in some plans all employees show as 0 vested in profit sharing or match.

reposting eligibility solves the problem.

the folks at Quantechland are working on it, but I figure that is a serious enough problem to watch out for.

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for those who have loaded 5.0, there is another service pack available.

The vesting schedule on one of my plans disappeared during conversion, or when I created a new plan and copied the data from that plan.

I still have had little success using the user defined fields. I just can not get data to pull from them.

this version of crystal- suppressed elements are no longer grayed out, and you can not save a report under the same name, if the report is open in custom.

Unable to print top heavy in landscape except through batch, and the minimum required distribution report refuses to stop printing at this end.

also had a report that Division does not work in data routine.

if you are running 5.0 and have found other problems, could you please take the trouble and inform the rest of us.

while some problems may not be 'bugs' and might be user error, at least telling others about possible problems gives people an idea what to look out for.

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Guest DottleC

I'm curious how or if Crystal Ver 6 is being used by folks during/before/after the QT ver 5 upgrade. (or before upgrading QT) Is it okay to assume that Crystal 6 runs the same way on QT version 5 as Crystal 4.xx does (assuming there are some changes necessary in order for the reports to function properly on QT vers 5)?

Crystal 6, although I have not used it with Quantech, is a whole lot easier and more powerful to use than 4.xx, and runs any Crystal version preceding it - so it would seem the logical way to go, but anyone know for sure?


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Never assume anything in regards to Crystal.

I do not know if the following changes are Crystal or Quantech.

1. editing and saving reports. If you have the report open in Quantech, and then edit it in Crystal, you are forced to save under a different name. I find that a real pain.

2. 'Save' used to be grayed out if there were no changes made. this is no longer true.

3. I have found editing to be less easy, e.g. even something as simple as deleting a line. Also, previous, 'hide when printing' grayed out a field. This is no longer true.

again, I am not sure which of these changes are Quantech and which are Crystal.

I am still trying to figure out how to pull more than one user defined field. Maybe I will hear back from Quantech later today.

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