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ABPT / 415 / ADP Inconsistencies


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There are severe inconsistencies (my choice would be bugs) in the 4.3 release.

1. ADP / ACP test - includes unconfirmed deferral transactions, EXCLUDES unconfirmed match contributions. (Supposedly fixed in 5.0)

2. Post with 415 limits EXCLUDES all unconfirmed transactions (Supposedly fixed in 5.0) How many of you have now blown 415 limits?

3. ABPT in the General Tests EXCLUDES all unconfirmed transactions. THIS IS NOT CHANGED IN 5.0 NOR IN 6.0!! How many of you now have bad agebased plans? Does everyone else check Q's additions to see if they are different in different reports? I view this as a serious bug and should print a warning at least on the screen, if not on the report.

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Guest Alison Hetrick

Quantech will never recognize unconfirmed transactions. To get us through our 12/31/99 testing we created receivable accounts for all contributions that needed to be included in testing, but weren't invested. We settle the receivable manually and that gets our numbers into the testing. The only problem we have had with the receivables is that there is no such thing as a QNEC receivable. If you have to create one it will try to settle to another source and requires some manipulation to get it right.

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