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Uncredited Service = Back Pay?

Guest aa120747

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Guest aa120747

A Georgia employee began employment as a bus driver September 3, 1991. When work began, she started with a step pay grade assuming she had no prior work experience with a County School District. In fact, she had two prior years service with the County (1979-1980, 1980-1981). The prior work experience was not noted on her job application thus not credited to her when her initial step pay grade was assigned in 1991. Therefore, she has been paid at an incorrect step pay for 11 years based on her actual years worked for the County.

We requested the remedy of applying the appropriate step pay grade to calculate the amount of underpayment due her from 1991 as well as adjustments to any applicable service based benefit credits (e.g. retirement, paid time off, vacation). The County replied that since it was the job applicant's responsibility to state prior experience that they will only provide remedy for the past four years which is up to the statue of limitations.

Can someone give guidance regarding an applicable statue of limitations or general thoughts about how to pursue past credit. Thanks.

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