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MPP/403(b) mix - is this possible? (also on 403(b) board)

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I'm reviewing a plan for a client who is taking over the administration for the plan. Granted, I think that I'm missing a few documents (an annuity funded plan with more paperwork than the Pentagon), but it appears that the employer (a governmental entity) has a money purchase pension plan and a 403(b) deferral-only plan. I'm assuming it was set up like this because the employer is a government (no 401(k) allowed). What I don't get is the contribution scheme . . .

The MPP appears to provide that the employer will only contribute to the MPP if an employee contributes to the 403(b) plan. I'm going to quote the SPD

"For each Plan Year in which you authorize . . . a salary reduction contribution . . . under the Tax Deferred Annuity Plan equal to 3% of your compensation up to 33 1/3% of the SS TWB and 6% of your comp'n in excess of 33 1/3% of the SSTWB, your employer will make a contribution to the MPP . . . equal to 4% of your comp'n up to 33 1/3% of the SSTWB and 8% of your comp'n in excess of 33 1/3% of the SS TWB."

I am ignoring the fact that the annuity contract says that a minimum of $300 must be contributed for each participant annually. :huh:

My question is WHAT?? :blink: Seriously, why would you want to set it up this way? Am I missing something or would one plan (a 403(b)) that provides matching contributions be MUCH easier? Not sure that you could transfer this formula per se, but this seems rather complicated for not a lot of benefit to anyone?

Any thoughts??

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