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I'm unable to buy-back retirement service credit for stroke/disability. Is this discrimination?

Guest gtichman

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Guest gtichman

My local government (City of Los Angeles) does not allow buy-back of retirement service for serious disability such as stroke, cancer, etc. Why is this? I was disabled in 1993 - 1995 for a severe stroke that caused paralysis on one side of my body. I have since fully recovered and have worked from 1995 - 2003 without any absences. I have worked for the City of Los Angeles for 25 years, and will retire in 5 more years.

The two years lost for disability will greatly affect my pension. Our retirement plan allows for buy back of uncompensated maternity leave; it seems like penalizing members who get cancer, stroke, kidney disease or similar serious disabilities, yet who go on to recover and retire from the City are being treated unfairly for something totally out of their control. Could this be an ADA issue?

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