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Now accepting Nominations for best Benefit Boards user names

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I think in the spirit of the countless awards shows (Grammy's, Oscar's, Golden Globes, et al ...When will they have an awards show for the best awards show?) this post must be categorized to properly give credit where credit is due.

My personal nominations...

Most Ironic - Pensions In Paradise

Most Obscure - Blinky...(this one's a lock!)

Most Accurate - thisissocomplicated

Best Accronym - WDIK

Best Reference to Fictional Character - Belgarath (most probably never read it!)

Best Depiction of the Pension Industry - 2muchstress

Worst Depiction of the Pension Industry - Happy Actuary

Best Special Effects - Tie (Blinky, Doombuggy, ERISAatty)

A word from our sponsor - DietPepsi

The Lifetime Achievement Award - Dave Baker

Special mention goes out to all those that had the confidence to use their real names (although somewhat boring!).

Also a great personal thanks to everyone that has ever posted to these message boards.

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if you are going to nominate all those, then I will nominate (and now I don't remember her name) but she signed her real name, but since someone else was already using it, she added her state's initial MD.

and so we all thought she was doctor and wondered why she was even dabbling in pensions..

Then, as if that wasn't enough, she moved to another state and now the initials are PA

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