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Appleby, thank you for your kind words of welcome. Thank you, also, for having such a good sense of humor!

I'm a CPA/Tax Accountant specializing in all types of exempt organizations. I post often to the 403(b) and 457 forums because I work with those Code sections nearly everyday.

So, you're a Sox fan? Are you located somewhere in New England?

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Actually no (no Sox Fan or any other team fan). I was just showing support for you and your team. I am sports-unaware :blink: .

I currently live in New Jersey. However, I am job searching in New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. So, depending on where I get my next job, I may be relocating soon.

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Appleby, I live in Virginia and practice in Maryland. If you'd like to contact me by PM, I might be able to give you some tips about the local job market.

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Years ago, I knew a man named Fig Newton. His parents must have had a really bizarre sense of humor.

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Long time, no hear-from. How've you been lately?

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