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BenefitsLink Message Boards Acronyms


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Most are familiar with email acronyms such as LOL, IMO, BTW, FYI, etc.

I got to thinking that BenefitsLink posters could save a lot of typing (and possible carpal tunnel syndrome) if some BenefitsLink acronyms were adopted. For example:

CPP - This topic has already been discussed ad nauseum. Use the forums search capabilities and check prior posts.

PD - What does the plan document say? OR You must follow the plan document? OR Have you read/referred to the plan document? OR It depends on the plan document? etc.

LC - You should obtain competent legal counsel on this matter. OR Sorry, you're going to have to pay for this advice. OR You may already be in a lot of trouble!

These seem to be the three most popular responses. Any other suggestions?

(P.S. Please do not take this post too seriously. It is all in good fun.)

...but then again, What Do I Know?

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