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ERISA POA Beneficiary Change

Guest cldula

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Guest cldula

As Power of Attorney for My grandfather I used the Illinois Statutory Short Form for POA to remove the name of my deceased grandmother as beneficiary and named myself as the beneficiary and younger sister as contingent.

My POA Specifically states, "You have the power to name or change beneficiaries or joint tenants, and revoke and amend any trust"

When my grandfather died I submitted a claim for the burial insurance. The administrator of the ERISA Plan denied my claim citing that Illinois State Law forbid me to name myself as beneficiary.

Administrator QUOTE the authority to name yourself, as the beneficiary of life insurance is not specifically stated. Administrator Unquote

They accepted the beneficiary change form and entered it into the record now (in response to my claim) they are saying that they are willing to pay the contingent.....providing I drop my claim / appeal.

If specific reference to the plan is need why was any change honored when the plan itself is never mentioned????

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