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H.S.A.'s and Long Term Care Premiums

Guest pbayl10

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Guest pbayl10

My clients are a husband and wife with two children. The wife and children have health insurance with a traditional individual health carrier and the husband is insured with the risk pool due to pre-existing health problems. The husband is currently unemployed due to a reoccurence of major health problems. They have long term care insurance.

I have talked to Mrs. Client about possibly going to a HDHP and opening an HSA. Both Mr. and Mrs. client have long term care insurance. My two questions are :

1, Is 100% of Mrs. Clients LTC premium qualified to be used from the HSA tax free?

2, Mr. Client is unemployed and the following is listed as a qualifying expense "health insurance for the unemployed". Can my clients use funds in the HSA to pay Mr. Clients risk pool premium since he is unemployed.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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