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any guesses/ contest...

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I see the number of posts at the time I write this is 99,265.

Any guesses what day the magic 100,000 will be reached?

I am sure that is some actuary out there who knows,

e.g. "what day do you want it to be" and obviously such individually would probably post enough on that day just to make it happen.

therefore, maybe this useless and nonsensical contest shouldn't be open to them. :D

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That would leave 735 posts remaining to reach the magic number. Without knowing the average number of posts per day, I will guess that it is somewhere around 150. This means we should reach 100,000 posts on October 6th. An actuary could probably calculate the exact minute and who the poster will be. for the 100,000 poster, I submit Blinky.

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I'll go along with Belgarath -

Oct 15 is as good a date for a deadline as you can get. very appropriate.

I'll go for 10:15 as well.

But as WDIK noticed, I won't let it go beyond 10/07.

As a matter of fact I just may do every one of the posts in this thread. It will be a countdown to 100,000. Kind of like Time Square on New Years Eve, only not.

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# of posts til 100K = 653/82(# of posts today since original post)= 7.963 days

+ 2 no business days = Oct 10 about 3:00 P. M.

and I'm not an actuary.

make that Oct 12 due to 4 week end days. oops. I said I wasn't an actuary>

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I will still vote for 10/11 - on columbus day

Maybe R Butler will stay up all night posting each thread with a "yes, I agree totally" message and we will be there by tomorrow.

Yes I totally agree.

Oops I'm sorry its not 10/07 yet. You'll have to forgive me, I stayed up late watching my guy get his tail whipped in a debate last night.

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Guest CitationSquirrel

I vote for October 9th.

I figure R. Butler's computer will crash during his attempt to "stuff the ballot box." :lol: What a sad commentary though ... the big moment will happen on the weekend. We should be relaxing, spending time with our families, taking our minds off work ... but NO ... we are busy posting to BenefitsLink ... how sad. :D

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