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Rescinded job offer

Guest caraydo

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Guest caraydo

I was offered employment with another division of my company on 1/14/05. I accepted the offer on 1/18/05. And a conference call occurred on 1/24 to establish my start date of 3/14/05 and to confirm my salary and various other benefits. They would "get an office ready" and see me in a few weeks. I was told that their HR rep woud call me the following day to start the paperwork. On 1/28 their HR rep called me and told me that they were not offering me the job. I was stunned. I explained to her that the job was offered, accepted and confirmed. This was news to her. In order to satisfy my start date of 3/14 they knew that I had to and did begin the moving process and as such incurred costs. Do I have rights to reimbursement? Anything further? I didn't find much of anything on the internet about this type of thing. One chatboard mentioned "detrimental reliance"...?

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