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Form 5500 - Schedule A

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I am new to Welfare benefit plan administration.

Our firm set up a life insurance only WBP using a whole life policy with cash value build up, with deductions in accordance with the limitations of 419(e).

Regarding the Schedule A s/ info be entered on p. 3 much like an investment or s/ info be entered on p.4 for WBP info.

If it s/b on p.4 what info s/b provided or how s it be presented?

Since it seems much like an insurance investment with an increase in value for gains and decreases for expenses it appears like it s/b entered on p.3 where the beginning and end of year values are reconciled.

Any input would be appreciated.



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Welfare benefit plan administration is the poor step-child, compared to retirement plan administration. So many retirement plan issues are addressed in regulations, rulings and instructions are not addressed with respect to WB plans.

I presume that you mean "in accordance with the limitations of 419(e) and 419A". Otherwise the entire premium would not be deductible.

In the absence of instructions to the contrary, I believe that your interpretation is correct (report on p. 3, Part II).

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