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Clucko the Chicken picks ND over USC

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yes indeed.

the amazing chicken 'lays' it on the line by 'pecking' Nore Dame this week.

Does the 'ruffle the feathers' of you California folks? I'm sure Clucko doesn't care.

Will he get 'egg' on his face? only time will tell.

Hey, Clucko has picked the winner of the Nore Dame game correctly everytime this year. (We have a Notre Dame grad working for us and he looked it up)

I thought perhaps maybe this was just a 'cheep' gimmick, but then it dawned on me we have a 3-eyed fish that knows pensions, and a hairy 'what's it' who knows...um...I'm not sure what he knows, but he knows and thats good enough for me.

How does he do it?

from the website :

Put down two feed dishes, one representing one team and one representing another and whichever dish the chicken goes to first is the team that's going to win.

To see if Clucko picked your team, go to:


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Dang, the chicken picks better than me. Couple years ago I got drug into a March Madness pool, came in dead last. Best part was the one prizes were for first or last. I still ended up with $50.

Hey Tom, where on the link do you find the chicken? He might come in handy if I ever have to join the a pool again.

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oh, silly me, you need to click on 'expert picks' (or here is the direct link:


for you Penn State fans, he 'predicted' they would win the last two weeks as well.

He is picking them over the Wolverines this week. (We have a Penn State man in the office as well, so I know these things.)

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