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plan document needed?

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We have a client that has a health insurance plan with a $1000 deductible. The company has agreed to pay any bills until the deductible is satisfied. Is this an HSA? If so, they need a plan documnet, correct? And should it be administered by a third party (right now they are doing it in house)? Any help is appreciated...my knowledge on these is so limited.


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As pointed out by another poster in the other Forum, this looks like a plain vanilla section 105 medical expense reimbursement plan.

You might want to look at the governing Treas Regs 1.105-11 in particular.

The plan needs to be in writing (1.105-11(b)(i)). Sample PDs can be found by doing a Google search. It is also possible that if this is a fairly new company a sample might have been included in the incorporation package. Your section 125 plan administrator might also be a source.

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